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October 09, 2009


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And what a beautiful blog journey it's been Margie. You've created an amazing amount of art and images in that short space of time. We're all lucky to be able to witness it.
I almost managed the merfish tutorial, not the tail, maybe it just needs a little acorn. I'll show you when I get a chance. Yesterday I was looking at a small pond when a dragonfly came and spoke to me. She came up and landed right next to my hand on the fence - I heard her before I saw her. She was exactly the same as the ones in your picture.
Have a lovely weekend :)


i adore acorns and i adore this post

gorgeous pictures as always



Dear Margie,
it's been a honor to know you, and your blog too. You know you have brought me much, and that you (and your blog) brings me tons, everyday. Thank you so much for everything you do, and for who you are.
It's supercalifragilistic to see the world with your eyes :) I try to open mine as much as I can.
Have a superb Thanksgiving weekend, sweet friend. There's no Thanksgiving celebration over here, but actually I give thanks everyday for all the wonderful friends I was lucky to "meet", you included, of course.

Mathyld / encore petite

I almost cried ...
Very touching post. And Oak Trees are very dear to me.
So are you.

I send you
*hugs in the form of an Oak leaf*
x x x


Dear Margie,
I have enjoyed your blog so much. Every time you post I am amazed by your creativity and skillful stitching! I hope one day to be able to purchase a book filled with your photos and stories. You ARE working on one, aren't you? :)


not only have you created art, but the eloquent and beautiful way you display it and chronicle it here on your blog is such a affirmation of the virtues of the virtual network community.

thank you - annri, fellow acorn adorer


Support is an amazing thing... When applied in the right fashion, it grows in such a wonderful way that you can then share all the extra with your friends....then they with all they know.
So that even though you dont know them you have in the end touched those you will ever even know you touched.
You are so supportive ...in fact all of you are. Everyone that comes here have learned? caught? or that part inside of everyone has awoke and is very active.

You are all as beautiful as the lovely arts and crafts that you make.... love to all that come and grace this creative space.

Thank you Margie for this lovely post... Hugs to you too.

Cynthia Baxter

My family laughs at how they think I'm like the little animal in the Ice Age movies that is always trying to hold dear his acorn.
I have vessels all over the house filled with acorns and still can't resist picking them up every fall.
I love your blog! You have such fine aesthetics in your artistic expression and love of nature that i find nourishing. Thanks.

healing hillary

i love the acorn necklace and your sentiments behind it even more. makes me want to make one as a symbolic reminder of the bounty behind being true. i would have to learn to crochet, i'm a knitter so knew this day was coming. you've just given me more inspiration.

grateful for the gentle reminder.




I too am amazed how you capture nature's beauty with your creativity continuously with a unique and genuine love and respect for it. It's always so inspirational.


you are certainly an inspiration, margie. you make me realise it's so important to make art every day! in whatever way is possible. i love those necklaces, and the gourd-models too.. xx

bethel of bethania

Your art is of great inspiration to me... as well as your words... I'm only new to your site having found you only in the last 6 months. Thanks for your wisdom & art... Keep being true to yourself... B


What a lovely and heartwarming necklace. I wish I had an acorn.


So pretty. Your necklace makes us pay attention to something small, and often overlooked.


I am new to your blog as well. And it was a link to this very delightful acorn necklace that sent me to your blog. And my view of nature hasn't been the same since. Truly! Here is a link to the necklaces I made for my children: http://eclecticchica.blogspot.com/2009/10/super-sweet-acorn-necklaces.html

Thank you for your beautiful art, photos and words. They are inspiring to me every day.

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