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October 16, 2009


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So interesting, fascinating... I look forward to seeing each beautifully photographed update for this magical project.


Those red leaves fallen on the lace wrapped rock, ah, just gorgeous!! Love the moos creeping in too.


Moss, not moos :)


ahah I imagine a couple of squirels redecorating their place with your gorgeous crochetted doilies ... :D
Thank you so much for keeping us posted about this amazing project. I'm loving every bit of it.
PS : will you take me there if I ever visit you ?


It is as if you did take me for a walk in the forest Marggie,so thank you very much.Ariadne from Greece.


margie, i know you like birds on wires, have you seen this already?
Birds on the Wires Video

michele (maryland)

Walking right there with you, Margie, and loving it!


Margie - thank you! I have really enjoyed all of these updates on this project. As I read this post, I wondered why you would remove it at all. Wouldn't it be wonderful if some day you looked up, and saw one of the doilies incorporated into a nest somewhere by some marvelous forest creature?! Of if you came across one of your pieces somewhere completely different, transported by a different "forest decorator"?

thank you for sharing your art and creativity with us
Lise in Ottawa

Mathyld / encore petite

Awwww ! Margie !
I was marvelling at this lace-y print and wondered wether it was you who had rolled the doily ...
Now I can't help but smiling at the idea of a little house, hidden in a big oak tree, decorated with stolen doilies and housing a woodlander party. My Owlettes, Nanou's Owl brooch and Lisa's Squirrels dancing on doilies rugs !
Do you think that they use some of your acorn necklaces as a lift ? ha !

Is Fern back in his pot ? Otherwise, he might well be partying like crazy with this happy bunch !

Thanks for making me smile and talking about my wee Owlettes !
I am just finishing a bunch of 12 Owlettes and my fingers are crying ...
*hugs & crispy fallen leaves*
x x x


Oh Margie ! I love so much your wonderland ! A walk there with you makes me dream too ...

Is there any possibility to dig a secret passage from our Flickrs towards the soil printed by that delightful lace pattern ? There would be a little hidden camera and only you or Fern could decide if we'ld be allowed to pass or not !

Concerning that mysterious rolled lace, I think I should have a conversation with my little owls ... I was wondering what they were doing all night !!! (I don't know if they deserve such an honorary link on your blog -thanks so much- if they touched your art installation without asking your permission ... I guess it was so tempting ! Sorry !)

And I am sure, Mathyld, that nothing could make them more happy than such an exciting woodland party with their famous parisian cousins, Lisa's adorable squirrels and Fern + snail friends ! I'ld love to convert myself into a forest creature with one of my magic wands to be invited too ! Anyone else ?

Happy fally week-end to you, dear Margie, and to everyone !


looks great...I missed the stones again in the shop..hope there will be some more soon


How fabulously magical. I wish I could take a walk there and come upon those beauties.


This is a beautiful idea. Lovely photos.

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