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October 07, 2009


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Thanks for this colorful post ! It's very interesting to see how colors turn ! Did you add some magic ? I can't wait to see what you'll make with your dye ribbons ...
And I'll stay on my balcony to wait for birds arriving from North. A lot stop here before migrating to Africa. I will listen very carefully :)


I can't wait to hear your purple story, maybe you can whisper it to a little bird and get it here in double quick time. As usual you have made my morning, I am so inspired by your work that evolves and responds to the seasons as they turn. The false solomon's seal and blue beaded lily ribbons are my favourites, I know these are going to become something magical. Enjoy your breakfast in a few hours time, I wonder what it will be?


I've only just discovered your magical blog. Just gorgeous!

I'm looking forward to following.


oh my gosh, that PURPLE!!! i make my own inks and dyes out of nature-finds, so i understand well what you mean about surprises...i have to try everything just to see what happens, and then keep tinkering to see what ELSE might happen. i'm perpetually astonished. =) BUT i've never seen the like of that glorious purple! the lily-of-the-valley berries came up gorgeous as well...oh, all of them, just lovely.

and since i'm going on and on, thank you so much for your comment, oh dear, a week ago...i just saw it today! it never occurred to me to look for comments on MY blog yet, so that was a lovely surprise as well. okay, kind of thrilling, actually. =) thanks so much! <3

annnd i'm still swooning over that PURPLE. what a treasure!

Mathyld / encore petite

I am dying / dyeing to hear more about you and Master Purple.
He is a very close friends of mine, too :)

x x x


oh, nature's jewellery: berry-stained ribbons and bird-fruit-beads. thank you for making these happen and sharing them with us!


very beautiful - I love how the edges are darker from the folding.


eek! I get a mixed sensation when looking at the berry migration images. They are very beautiful but creepy at the same time, like huge animated caterpillars. I can almost see them moving!
The image of the baneberry stalks reminds me of coral from the sea.
What an amazing forest you live by!


Gorgeous unexpected colous! Especially dreamy on the velvet... Looking forward to what you make with them.

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