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October 21, 2009


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What gorgeous colourful acorns, you're keeping the hues of Autumn alive. Your new owl friend is the sweetest thing, he would make me smile too!


Your blog and photos have inspired me so much.I knitted a scarfette but with no buttons.I will add them,too.I bought a crochet needle to give it a try on those acorns as well.I am a cross stitch girl but it seems you made me decide to give it a try on other crafts as well.You have also inspired me on taking photos of little things,every day things around me,to notice them.You are the reasonn I want to start blogging too!Thank you.Ariadne from Greece.


Aww Oliver is such an adorable new member ... his Liberty wings will also cheer you up.
Sorry I've been busy these days & I'm not as much online as I would love to.
Hope you're having a good middle of the week. xoxoxo love

Mathyld / encore petite

Love love Oliver ♥
He could be besties with my owlettes and Nanou's one :)

Note to self "need to learn how to crochet"

x x x


Wow ! Such another great post, Margie !

Your crochetted acorns look so soft. Watch out for squirrels, they will be tempted ... :)

Then your purple embroidered owl is really adorable and your Liberty fabric fits just perfectly. (It made me smile when I saw it as I was working on a kind of "embroidered" owl - different - too these past days but I couldn't find time yet to take photos and to post them !)

Finally, I fell in love with your fantastic and sweet Oliver (owls definitely love Liberty !). And my "recycled" owls and crochetted owls are so excited to see him on the screen, their eyes - even bigger than usual - are popping out ! Can you imagine the scene ? I'm sure Mathyld's owlettes will love Oliver too !

I am pleased that Oliver goes with you at work today, as Fern is too busy partying with his friends in that big oak tree that Mathyld spoke about :)

Wish you and Oliver a smiling Wednesday ... and hugs to everybody as I'm not much online too !


Love the pic with the acorns on the stumb (hope that's the correct word)- wonderful colors! I wonder if your acorns are as big as they looks - I search high and low to find some in a good size, I simply need to crochet some now!

Melissa R

We love Mad Men but lately we aren't as in love as we used to be. It just doesn't have the same magic that it had in the beginning.

Margaret Oomen

Good morning all my owl and acorn loving friends. Thanks so much for you comments, they mean so very much to me. Melissa I know exactly what you mean about the more recent episodes of Madmen. I have been watching the older episodes over on line focusing on the set , costumes and the special little details that you don't always notice first time around. Since I was a little girl in the 60's it brings back so many memories.


oh, the spectrum of acorns is so happy! i wonder what a squirrel would do if she came across one of those? a happy dance, i suppose!

i hope oliver eased your day along. he's very cute.


Thank you for another beautiful post. I don't know how you fit in everything that you do but I am grateful that you share it everyday.


Oliver is quite cute. But I am smitten with your acorns and I love the colors of the new ones. And like Ariadne said, you are inspiring me to take more photos of the everyday nature around us. Thanks for another wonderful post!


ack! that owl is so very, very cute, margie. xx


Beautiful! The acorns are so lovely! And the owl! You inspire me with your prolific and gorgeous work! I'm trying to keep up. How do you do it?


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Beautiful, it's just a word... but I think it's the perfect word to describe this initiatives... your art-works are brilliant and I shall learn more about it to improve my inspiration. Thanks for sharing all this with us, you're an artist. Absolutely. 2j3j

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