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October 29, 2009


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Acorn cosies..

well well,

I am sure the forest loves them. I feel like making some mushrooms too.

Dona Morrison

Blessed be the healers. Lovely acorns! So glad I've found your blog. It calms me. Thank You!


YOU stay well, my friend.
Will keep you in my thoughts as you're entering such a tough period with that damned pandemic. :(
Thank you so much for the photos & the smile they induced indeed ! oxoxoxo


Like to have the office in this location :-)

michele (maryland)

Down here in Maryland we are VERY short of the H1N1 shots. The ER workers in my husbands hospital, are the first to get the doses available.. lots of patient concerns over H1N1 but not really a lot of confirmed cases, as of yet. YOU take care of yourself, too, Margie. As we know you will.


thanks for that walk in the woods. Hang in there!


Oh goodness, visiting your blog and seeing such magic from your eyes, ALWAYS makes my day!


for the first year I find myself considering getting the flu shot, when and if it becomes available. Our doctor's office doesn't have any.

I was back looking at your spring photos and thinking how lovely it is to see little shoots popping out of the forest floor. I'm in trouble; it's going to be a loooong winter! I'm counting on your blog to help me through;)


yes, that definitely put a smile on my face; thank you!


I love your acorn pin. Also, did you know your mushroom collection picture has been featured in Etsy's the Storque? I opened up this page and thought, "Hey!! I know who took this!"


thank you for taking us along to your forest. i love the liberty mushrooms and acorns. someone up there wrote that they find it calming- and so do i! your nature art always makes me feel reassured about the world. xx


I am charmed by the gathering of acorns atop the mossy rock. And that Liberty mushroom! Oh, so wonderful. You have such an eye for color and pattern.

I hope things ease up at your work. As a parent, I try to stay calm and to remember my excellent family physicians are doing their best--I hope your patients will do the same.


I do love acorns - they are my favorite fall decoration to scatter about. I like the picture of the crocheted acorns among the leaves - so 'fallish.' :)

Penny Patten

Beautiful photographs, and what a cute acorn pin!


I am perfectly enchanted by everything in sight! The beautiful fall images you capture, the acorns on the pin, and the wonderful mushrooms!


Take care of yourself, Margie.

My kids saw your acorns and are in love with them. We might just have to try some felted ones here tomorrow. Lovely!


This is so lovely!

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