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November 13, 2009


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Magical installation you've created, my friend ... I'm so thankful that you share its evolution with us all. Huge thanks for that, it makes me daydreaming & I love that !
Now ... if only I had been travelling to Paris the days Mathyld had the private sales .... aaargh. Bad timing for me ! :( I wish her, you & all the sellers a super sale, and lots of fun to those you'll make it there. (lucky Parisian !)
Now I really really really can't wait to know what your big project is, I'm so very excited. oxoxox have a wonderful weekend in Jack's magical & ephemeral wonderland.

Mathyld / encore petite

Eeep ! I loved that lace window, and the fact that Winter came by surprise ...
It is still so warm, here ... I can't wait for real cold, crisp days !

I am so excited today, as Jersey delivers the best "parcel" ever to Paris ! Team Lisa arrives !

And thank you so much for being part of my project, it's been in my heart for so long before it came to life ! And for offering us such a wonderful exposure.

And last but not least, I can't wait to see what you'll surprise us with. 'cause if there's someone that is more creative and surprising than Mr Winter ... That has to be you, Margie !



Wish a cosy hibernation to your hidden covered stones and laces. It will be so exciting to meet them again, they'll have so much to tell !!!
Wish also good luck to Mathyld for her promising "Marché de Noël" ! That sounds great, lucky parisians indeed, as Sonia said !
Wish you a delightful white week-end, Margie ! Hugs and thanks to Jack for the stunning pictures he offered you ...


ahh... beautiful images. i'm glad your installation is going to be winter-long. good bye, lace... see you when the snow melts!
that project of mathyld's looks intriguing and beautiful! and i can't wait to hear what your surprises are.


Wonderful frost images! Thank you for a little bit of beauty.

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These are pictures taken the morning of the first snow and you might need to enlarge the photographs to catch a glimpse of the crocheted lace now covered in layers of dry leaves and a soft blanket of snow.

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