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November 08, 2009


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It was very warm here today too (Michigan); and sunny, ahhh.

I'm ready for some snow-related crafty-ness. Yours looks beautiful!


Missed my regular visiting last week and you described my energy level perfectly! I hope a little snow will revive me. If not, I can always pick up the white thread.Those pendants are a beautiful idea for sweet gifts. I'm really looking forward to your tutorial update. You have so many treasures to rediscover. Have a lovely start to you week, Margie.


I guess this is the drawing you spoke about yesterday !!! It's beautiful, magical ! There is such poetry in your snow post and I'm happy that this "white gold" can revive you. For my part, what brings me my daily energy is visiting you almost every morning as soon as I wake up (earlier especcialy).
Thanks for all the time your precious and generous tuttorials require to you ... Have a beautiful white Monday !


I loved both the felt medallions!I love snowflakes stitched and real!Ariadne from Greece


The photos shown in this blog's are so good.It shows closely the nature of the orest during the winter session.You have been done really goo job.

Mathyld / encore petite

Margie ...
How perfectly poetic is this ?
I adore the Snow but am rarely lucky enough to catch some, in Paris ...
I love everything : from the snow pictures, to the idea and name of the pendants. And of course, the pendants themselves ...
Love love !
J'adore !
x x x


snowflakes time....my fav


I love everything about this post, Margie. The energy that the first snow gave you, how you expressed this renewed energy in your pendant, embroidery & tutorial to come. And I love love love the last photo too. Makes me want to break the screen, put my arm through it and grab the sheet of paper, then touch the pendant.
Thanks for always bringing us lots of motivation & inspiration. You are the best. Best of luck for this new week. xoxox

Healing Hillary

the first snow is magic!
i am looking forward to the tutorial. i love the snowflake.



Margie....dear Margie,this is one of your most beautiful and poetic blog posts.....aaahhh, you give me so much inspiration and I´m totally in love with your photo on the fern/snow...the light is magic!

I have cleaned up in my sewingroom, margie....and I have so much stuff so I can easily open a little shop :)

I found all my embroiderystuff too and I think I will try to make a pendant....because you have inpired me....as always!

All my best to you from Sweden!

We like your "dala horse" :=)


This is so sweet and so easy. Thank you for the idea. I love how you put it with a flowy top. Cute.


I appreciate how you turned your feelings into art. I have been seeing an art therapist over the past few years. But you do this on your own! Lovely.

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I am just speechless seeing you done and how much dedication you have give to this embroidery piece.

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Nature at its very best...just shows how magnificent it can be on the winters....:)

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