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November 29, 2009


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What a treat it will be to visit some of your archives. Are you sure you only have two hands?!
Happy Monday to you :)


What a lovely gift, many thank yous. My personal favorite is the favorite things embroidery project.


Thanks . Send you my best wishes from the south of Scandinavien.


oooh thank you so much for your long list, my friend !
That reversible basket really got my attention, I'll be waiting the tutorial impatiently ! :D
I hope you're feeling better & that you're off to a good week. Sending all my love oxoxo


Thank you for the collection of tutorials!It was good to be reminded of some things and to see some I had missed! The lazy girl's felted stones look so much like a collection of sea glass!Ariadne from Greece.


Thank you Margie for sharing your skills and insights with this great list of tutorials. How giving and lovely!

Mathyld / encore petite

Wow ! So many tutorials ! Who knew ?
I think that this is what first brought me to your blog : your lazy felted rock tutorial !
It was love as first sight.
I became posessed, obsessed and filled a whole file with your archive images :)

Beauty, poetry & generosity. This is you, Margie.
And a Mathyld tassel now ?!

x x x


Oh yay! I can't wait for the pom pom tutorial and now a basket one that I'm just dying to make with all the fabric I have.
Thank you soo much x


Oh my goodness, the gnomes! I love the gnomes. I look forward to browsing through the rest of these. Thanks for sharing.


last night i stitched the first snowflake pendant; i love it.

thank you for this list. as i was preparing to stitch the pendant and reading through your tutorial, i thought to myself that i should browse through your whole site for some other ideas... now you've done that for me! thank you.

best - annri


WOW what a list!!! So many things I haven't seen since I was not a reader until recently. Love the folkloric hat and the wood gnomes (I'm getting my hubbie on that tonight....)


Thank you for all the wonderful ideas. I hope it gets cold enough here in the Mid-Atlantic to make some ice wreaths and candle holders. So fresh and, well, icy! Looking forward to winter's doldrums to get some creative tasks done.


Oh Margie ! Your tutorials are such a fantastic gift, precious, priceless ! You spoil us !!! I dream that one day, you'll make a book with all your wonderful and original ideas ! For now, I will explore all these promising links and I will able to discover all the treasures I missed before knowing you. You brought so much in my life ! Thank you :)
I hope your leg feels better and that you can relax at home, if it's possible ...
Happy last November Bench Monday !
P.S. Congrats for your gorgeous pinecone pompom !!!


ooh- that basket looks amazing!
what a lot of beautiful patterns you've written up- thank you for sharing them with us.

Earth Girl Knits (Emily)

I'm listening to Lines of Latitude and reading through all of your tutorials. What a lovely way to end the day. Thanks Margie!


I love seeing all of these in one place! Such goodness in your looong list!


You are amazing! Thank you for such a generous gift.


It's great, thank you so much!


Wow! Thanks for sharing your creativity!


It's nice to 'see all of what you've accomplished. I've been very lacking in the creative department & sort of struggling with that notion, so your post in a small way is a nice pick-me-up. Thank you.


Awesomeness - thanks soo much! ♥

Jackie Wight

Thanks for the heartfelt Christmas gift...sharing your talent and knowledge. I plan to have lots of crocheted orbs hanging in my bare trees soon...of course I'll bring them in out of the rain...thanks again.

Debbie Brown

oh my, where is the snowflake tutorial? It disappeared! I'm sad ...


grazie!!! il tuo blog è meraviglioso!

thank you
your blog is very wonderful!

Lisa Pijuan-Nomura

I just came upon your blog and absolutely love it! It's a blog that gives me time to think, and breathe, and reflect. You have truly created a wonderful place online to inspire others. Thank you! I will be back!

colleen hickey

You are awe-inspiring. Thanks so much for the generous gift of tutorials. I can't wait to get busy! May I share this blog on my blog?


wonderful list


Merry Christmas Margie and thanks for your wonderful blog! I'm inspired each day you post!


Can I just say, how generous it is of you to share so many beautiful tutorials- I don't know where you find the time.But I appreciate all the obviously loving effort that has gone into all your work. I love your earthy crafts so much...I could cry:)

green tea

This is really a nice work and I like it.I also like knitting very much and I will also try for this.I like your work.Keep up the good work.


gracias!!! mil gracias!!!!l love your generosity!!!!!l just came from my hollidays in patagonia where l use to pick up from the lakes some pretty stones!!l will try to crochet some!!!!!!l wish you a very very happy new year !!full of lots of love!!and more creativity and a lot of peace in your heart!!!feliz año nuevo y gracias!!!!!!!!!

Vintage Pendants

It is looking very good. Anyways you have shared very good tutorial with us. Thank you very much !


i love sewing, knitting and embroidery,Crochet is something new for me, i love making such things by my own and sharing it with my friends who don't know about it, i love when they appreciate me for my works and they die learning it from me.It a real fun at that point of time.I would love to know how to work on crochets.


There's a few of these I like! I will let you know if I follow them

Enjoy your Sunday
Carolyn ♥

gift to the Philippines

Well, glad I saw this post. Very creative I've got an ideas here. Thanks for sharing.


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