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November 24, 2009


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The pompoms obviously made me think of Mathyld right away ! They're so fluffy & colorful ! Can't wait to see all the uses for them you will find !
TOMORROW ?!! I can hardly wait, my friend ! My own project not happening, I'm even more excited by yours ! xoxo

Mathyld / encore petite

Aw Margie & Sonia
I am so glad to be associated with pompoms, Sonia :D
Pompoms pompoms everywhere ! Yay !

And I can' wait for the unveiling of the project, either !

I send puffy kisses, like fluffy & colourful pompom bullets with my pompom kiss-gun !

x x x


love love love pom poms!


Love so much your happy "pompons" too !!! They bring such joy and softness. You're definitely gifted for the colors.
Can't wait to know more about your pompoms plans ... and about your so mysterious "Big Secret Project" !!!
And wish you good luck for your very busy and tiring Wednesday at work. Do you plan to make some pompoms during your breaks to relax ? :)


ooh- secret project?! can't wait!
those pom-poms are so lovely- now i want to make some!

Earth Girl Knits (Emily)

I love pom poms too. CAN'T WAIT for your revealing!!


ooo, i'm so loving the idea of colorful fuzzy pom poms coming flying out of those guns. SOMEBODY with photoshop PLEASE mess with that photo to make it happen!

A few years back I went through a little pom pom making phase...pom pom snowballs on the mantle and the christmas tree.

Today at the thrift store I came across a perfectly fitting pair of ice skates and, while trying them on for size, started having visions of ways to accessorize them....paint, pretty colored laces, fuzzy woolen pom poms....

We have some of those Clover pom pom makers now but I always used cardboard before that. Never seen it done quite the way you do it here, though. I like how you don't have to feed the yarn through an ever decreasingly sized hole in the middle of the cardboard. Clever!


Oh, Margie, you crack me up! I recently made some pom-poms for my daughter's hat I knitted, and was grumbling about them. But yours are so colorful and sweet, they made me smile. Thanks!


OMG!! im a super fan of pom poms, i also have a store call "pompon's party"!!!!!
love the post! n your blog.

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