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November 09, 2009


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Such lovely, delicate embroidery - I think the pendant would make an excellent holiday ornament, too!


thank you for sharing this beautiful idea, margie. i will definitely try making one- even though the snow on our hills has now all finally melted! your embroidery is so gorgeous.
p.s. i love the fern one from yesterday too.


so generous! thank you. i'm planning at least two for gifts for some special friends.

i like your boots! the bright colors of the boots and knits are just the kind of brightness that makes winter bearable...


Thank you for taking the time to make the tutorial.You reminded me that simple crafts are the most beautiful and that apart from cross stitch I can make other things too!Ariadne from Greece.


Thank you for this tutorial. The snowflake is so delicate and intricate, yet so simple. Your whole blog is beautiful - glad I found it (via flickr)!


this is a great little project! thanks! i love folklore woolens as well, and have my own (teeny) collection. this project would work perfect with it!!!


Just lovely - thanks for sharing!


You are amazing! I don't know how you practice medicine all day, and then still have it in you to create such wonderful art. You are an inspiration!


Is bench Monday where you sit at a bench and work? Whether it is or isn't, I like the idea of setting aside a day to just sit and get things done. :)

Thank you for sharing. I might try this in wood.


This design is charming. We will be trying our hand at the embroidered snow flake! Thanks!


Don't want to be a pedant but....snowflakes are hexagonal (not octagonal)with SIX lines of symmetry (not eight).

Lovely idea, though.


What a sweet tutorial, very nice drawing and instructions :)


This is beautiful! I love the design. Felt is so lovely and cozy for winter. Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

Linda Lanese

Thank you for the this lovely tutorial that I shared with my readers on Craft Gossip Felting ♥



What a lovely winter project ! Thanks for all the time you spent. I'ld love to learn embroidery ... This necklace would make a wonderful Christmas gift for your friend Jack !


Thanks for sharing this brilliant little idea. I'm going to use the snowflakes that I make to create a snowflake garland for a friend. :) Thanks for the inspiration!

Vintage Pendants

Thanks for sharing such a brilliant idea. You have made very good tutorial as well as. Seriously speaking Pendant is looking very beautiful.


dropping back in to let you know that i made a bunch of pendants and blogged about them today, 12/7. thank you so much for the tutorial and inspiration; i had lots of happy moments stitching away... :)


I just saw this over at Melissa's. It's beautiful!

Vintage Pendants

Great tutorial. Thank you for sharing it. I will try to make same pendant for my little baby.

Sharon A. Kyser

Thank you for the snowflake tutorial. I think I will try it with beads on leather. IF I get it done I will send you a picture of it.
Have a great weekend.


How sweet! I came over from The Beading Gem, where I saw your tut. Thanks for it! It's great!

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Thank you for this tutorial. The snowflake is so delicate and intricate, yet so simple.

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I am looking patterns for beaded covers for Christmas balls. I made one this year and would like other designs. Thank you and Happy Holidays.

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I think I will try it with beads on leather. IF I get it done I will send you a picture of it.
Have a great weekend.

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Very pretty. Good for casual occasion.

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Er bænk mandag, hvor du sidder på en bænk og arbejde? Uanset om det er eller ikke er, jeg kan lide tanken om at afsætte en dag til bare at sidde og få tingene gjort.


Very nice work! I have to try to make one as well :)


very good work, thanks for sharing


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Cool! Now I know how to make a Snowflake Pendant!


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