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November 25, 2009


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woohoo woohoo Margie !!! what an extremely exciting news my friend !!!! I am so so so happy for you & proud of you too ! You must be on cloud 9 ! :D
If only I could have come ... to see this wonderful exhibit with my own eyes ... I hope you'll take photos (or video ?) when you'll get there, for your friends all over the world to "live" it with you !
Awww I'm so excited for you !!!
PS : got your email yesterday, I'll get back later today. Thanks so much ! oxoxoxox loooove to you


Congratulations! How exciting and completely deserved. I wish I was near enough to be able to visit it in person.

Merilee Challiss looks like another amazing artist, and the picture at the top reminded me of your installation art in the forest!

You'll be busy, but for such a good reason :D


What happy news!!! Yes, please show us fans who would looooooove to be there but are too far away. Enjoy your exciting days ahead, I'm drinking a great big virtual toast to you (it's way too early here for a real one : )
J x


Congrats Margie! This is oh-so-exciting news. I can't wait to get a peek at what you'll be exhibiting.

mathyld / encore petite

What an amazing email to receive ! I am so happy for you (and, as usual, very frustrated to be so far away ...)
This will be such a dreamy exhibition ! Will you attend the opening ?

x x x

Jill Wignall

Taking part in the show sounds amazing! I'm really looking forward to seeing the work you produce. Also I love your description of the lead up to Christmas, you make it sound as it should, joyful and pleasant and not stressful! Enjoy X


Congratulations! I look forward to your keeping us posted about the show and to seeing your Christmas preparations!

I'm still planning on making the Lacy River Rocks...some day! Right now, I'm crocheting granny stars for Christmas decorations.


Whoooot! How absolutely thrilling!!! I love hearing about your stardom! Such an inspiring show it will be. Can't wait to hear more. Sounds like such cozy days ahead as you prepare for all the adventures of your winter.


how exciting! i can't wait to go together in january, as i'm sure we will :) i am absolutely loving merilee's work as well and think that the art of the two of you is a really neat fit together.


congratulations! fantastic news. I'd love to visit the exhibition...


Congratulations! The book is in my Christmas wish list too!Ariadne from Greece!


Hooray! Can you see me doing a little dance, full of excitement? This is such wonderful news, it must have felt amazing to receive that email. As is fitting the goddess of all things handmade would of course seek out one of the graces; creativity, also known as Margie. I am so happy for you and also wish I was closer so that I could attend the opening night, I think it is time to begin working on that little boat to carry us europeans over the sea (hello Mathyld!).

bethel of bethania

As the song goes'Congratulations & Jubilations...' that's part of the Happy Dance I'm doing for you... what an absolutely thrilling/tingling sensation you must feel, having your artist work/life recognised by Faythe...
We all recognise your talent, your beauty within... We who visit, we who admire & we who try to emulate your work...
Please, take the time to bask in the glory begin bestowed upon you ... it is well deserved & earned & I am sure I say what we all, who visit often, feel... we are so proud to know you, even if it is only via cyberspace... you can still feel the love & the passion... B


yippee! that's such fantastic news, margie. i'm excited for you! xx


What a sensational news, Margie !!! I feel so happy that the whole world discovers you, day after day. This exhibition is another very exciting step ! You so deserve every recognition. What a sweet dream for these stones :) Thank you so much for sharing with us all your joy in this wonderful adventure ! Wish it will bring you so much ... and that you will meet new fantastic people ... Send you my warmest congrats, dear Margie.
December is really promising !

Melissa R

PROVIDENCE!!! Me me me! I live in Rhode Island! I can't believe that something exciting is happening here! I will be looking forward to it so much :)

Elsita :)

YAY Margieeeee!!!!!!!!
Remember in the beginning when I told you that I could picture you having art shows with galleries etc? My magic crystal ball never lies! I so much congratulate you on this wonderful news! I am really happy for you and I wish that i could be there for the opening! I can't wait to see what you're going to create for the show!
Lots of love my friend!
Elsita :)


this is such fantastic news! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see what you dream up! XO!!!

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