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November 17, 2009


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Oooh pompoms ... so I guess Mahtyld is going to loooove them ! :)
So glad the shop update was a hit, I had no doubt about it. I was distracted doing something quite important at that time, and when I realized the time it was, it was too late ... :( uh. Next time I'll be in the line ! :)
Good luck for the orders & shipping. I can't wait to see what you'll be sending to Paris, and your big secret event ... you get me really excited now ! xoxoxo


well those pinecone displays are truly beautiful. thank YOU, margie- for all that you offer us here in this space. it really enhances my day to see what you've been making/arranging/thinking/photographing. you're very inspiring!
good luck for all that work!
and i love your crazy slippers.


the pinecones are gorgeous... the slippers are so fun!

i ended up away from the computer at 5, but looked thru the sold items last night and think your items were, as always, were awesome!


You are just too cute! Such creative talent....you've been blessed!


the pinecones are so beautiful :)


I love that pine cone display!!! We've been collecting a bunch and I made a little centerpiece... nothing that compares to yours... so nice to know what they signify. Wild and crazy slippers make for happy feet.


I love your arrangements! They speak to my heart.

andrea gutierrez

i love how you share the symbolism of pine cones. i love pine cones. they have a special place in my heart because since my daughter was three (she is almost six now) she has declared herself a pine cone collector and we are always on the look out for perfect pine cones (and they are all over the house too)! i love your felt pine cone, what a creative and lovely inspiration you are margie :)

Mathyld / encore petite

Ha ha Sonia you just kill me !!!
I was about to say that I'd love the pompom-version better because well ... first I am partial to pompoms :p (and I'm not too keen on fur ...)

Also, wow wow wow ! I love your porch and this early winter version of your porch decoration is truly beautiful.
I love showing your blog to my mum (she doesn't go online) when I visit (and I often send her images from here in emails, she adores them indeed !)
she is crazy about your porch. Being a Canadian living in Provence she really misses having one. And seing yours makes her happy.

These images are gonna travel to Provence by email, tonight :)
x x x


I love the splash of green and red amidst the pinecones! Really beautiful!


Love the texture of the sticky waxy pinecones against the smooth red wood.

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