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December 13, 2009


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Lovely World

I recently made some horses very similar to yours. I love making the manes and tails. I was very happy to give two of them away to some girls we had over for our Hanukah party yesterday.


it's like an exact cross between Treva's horse and the troll horse from jan brett's christmas trolls! (dig out the book and you'll see what i mean!) beautiful!


Hello Margaret,

I've been enjoying your blog for many months and I thought I would jump in and tell you how much I admire your talent. Your horse is wonderful! What a cute, spunky little fellow.

I was intrigued by the meaning of the spider you encountered and so I Googled it. Here is what I found : The spider shows us that the past, the present and the future are all interwoven. It awakens our intuitive creative senses and encourages us to design the fabric of our lives from our souls original intention. (...)

Moving forward in all situations with a gentle strength is a skill that often needs to be learned for those with this totem.


I don't know very much about totem animals but I pay attention when I see one that seems out of place and I'm always fascinated by what I find when I Google them. Perhaps the daddy long legs lesson was strength and determination after all. ;-)

Thank you for sharing so much peace and beauty through your blog.


Hi Margaret, Been enjoying your posts for the past few weeks after I accidentally found your blog. Enjoying the images of winter esepcially since I live in warmer climes!


I thought it was a donkey!LOL! Maybe because here donkeys have colourful blankets like this one.But why faceless?
As for the long legged spider I would probably jump a metre away if I saw it suddenly! I love insects but not up close and personal!Ariadne from Greece!


This litlle horse (the first second, I thought he was a donkey too) is so adorable, one of the loveliest creatures I've ever seen ! As you made him close to your loved Mom, I guess he's filled with her good waves and it makes him so special and precious. It was so thoughtful of you to offer this cute horse a pretty red embroidered coat ! Such warmly dressed, he will have the most delightful walks in the snow-covered fields ...
I'm sure the graceful and brave spider wanted to bring you something positive ... maybe some strenght from your dear father.
Warm hugs to you, sweet friend !

Karen at sew and sow life

a spider on snow? i call that fearless!


I've told you earlier this morning on Flickr that you may inspire/motivate me to start making soft sculptures ... I don't know when, I don't know what, but I'm sure I'll start some day.
I've been to the post office this morning, but have a kind of bad feeling (or was I in a bad mood, I don't know) so please could you tell me as soon as they reach you. (I keep my fingers crossed they will) Thanks a lot in advance. xoxoxo Love you


He's so sweet and I was thinking your horse was braving the cold, even with his beautiful blanket on - until along came the spider!
It seems so appropriate for you to sew while your mom slept, she probably did the same while you slept many, many times. I'm sure the horse would have brought a smile when she woke.


what a dear little horse!
i didn't know that spiders liked the snow... i never once saw one in norway- and always assumed they preferred warmer climates but i guess i'm wrong!


I love his red blanket! Very sweet.

esther jane

i had the same experience with a moth on the snow the other night. i thought the poor thing was a goner, since i tried, to no avail, to shield it from children stomping eagerly to the top of the sledding hill. i turned my back to help the children and when i turned back around, it was just in time to see the little thing flutter away! it was a quiet, beautiful moment.

Earth Girl Knits (Emily)

I absolutely love the horse. Horses are my among favorite animal and I enjoy horse sports. As for the spider, I think he deserves to be brought into the house for working so hard to stay alive. :)

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