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December 10, 2009


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bethel of bethania

Family traditions are just the best thing about all festives times... thanks for sharing... B


have you seen martha's clip art version here?

yours are SO, SO much prettier, margie!

so, do you tie the poppers in there in some way that they pop when you pull them apart? or do you just pop them on their own afterwards?

(have wanted to scan birch bark for awhile now too but haven't actually gotten around to it, and then saw martha's version of these last month and meant to copy her pdf. now i might be copying you instead!

p.s. i love that these had office one-liners in them. they just don't have that LOOK about them. perfectly incongruous. seems as if they ought to have quotes from Walden or Robert Frost instead!


What a wonderful tradition ! I guess your crackers are so fun to prepare ... and to open for all the family ! I especially love your "nature" version with the green pompom and your guests must have been so happy to receive them ! Your festive tables always make me dream. Thanks for all your explanations, I'ld love to try ... And congrats for you clever birch paper !!! You're the best for all of us, dear Margie ! Have a nice Friday ... and soon, maybe a white walk ...


We don't have this tradition here although you can find crackers in a big English department store we have!Ariadne from Greece!


Oh, another great idea!! Just wonderful - I would like to make some for new years eve. Hope I'll be able to find poppers, though. We're still in the stone age compared to you real westeners, considering equipment of all sorts - especially art supplies. The birch bark paper is a wonderful idea - it looks like real bark on the cracker!


I will have to fish my toilet-paper cardboard tubes from the recycling bin! I love this idea!! Thanks for sharing....as always.

Mathyld / encore petite

I love to think that your mum's been as obsessed about Xmas as mine :)
And what beauty, these crackers ! The prettiest I've ever seen !
Agathe slices ... What an amazing crackers-stuffer !
I love the paper tissue crowns, though :) Perfect to turn any kid into a little Max ("Where the Wild Things are")

x x x


I had never been to a party with Christmas crackers until earlier this month, but I love them! Definitely want to make my own, now, and yours are really adorable! Thanks, Margie!


These are wonderful! Can I ask where you purchase your poppers? I'm guessing a "Michaels" type of store perhaps?


My husband talks about Christmas crackers often--they were a big part of the tradition with his British grandparents. They were never a part of my family's tradition, but I think it would be fun to make our own. I love the scanned birch bark paper. And I second Nicole in asking where you found the "poppers."

Margaret Oomen

I purchased a ton of cracker snaps ( or poppers) when a chain of craft shops called Lewis Craft were going out of business in Canada. I believe you can buy them at Michaels shops in Canada and the USA.

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I especially like your crackers with the green tassel and your guests must have been so happy to get it.

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