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December 08, 2009


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Melissa de la Fuente

Oh Margie.... I am speechless. If this isn't the most beautiful, genius & creative thing ever. That can't be little Fern, right? Cause this one is SO tiny.....oh, just magical. Thank you for this beautiful gift. You are too good to us....

Mathyld / encore petite

This is simply breathtaking.

Not only do you never cease to amaze. But every time, when I think you won't be able to bring us something prettier, more delicate ... you always manage to outdo yourself.

You offer me the dreamiest images every evening before I go to bed ...
I keep them with me. Like cherished memories.

Thank you Margie.
x x x


I so enjoy your photos and projects! Loved watching the snail moving about in it's mini world.


Like a warm hug on this cold, dark winter morning. A lovely message and pretty images to wake up to.
Thank you and Fern too. Jx


Margie, this daily appointment with you helps me to get out of bed early in the morning. Your pictures and ideas full of sensitivity, beauty, talent, sweetness, are always a great comfort to me. I'm so happy to see you again Fern !
Have a good Wednesday, dear Margie, I hope it will not be too busy, as I know it's a long day for you. Lot of love to my favorite magician ...


At first I thought I was looking at a line of plants in pots along a wall! I laughed so much when I realised it was a line of thimbles!Do you collect them?
Fern is such a sweety moving around! You make my day early in the morning before I go to school and give me a chance to tell my pupils of the beauties of nature!Ariadne from Greece!


Amazing, every single one of them. I am in a bit of a state of awe here.
xo to you Margie.


It's hard to add anything after everything that's been said above. You trule add a good dose of magic, of wisdom, of love & friendship, of simplicity, to each & every of my day. What a honor to be one of your friends. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, sweet you. Thank you for everything.


just magical. xxx to you and fern and those lovely little thimble-gardens.


What wonderful little treasures!


Thank you, Margie, for the gift. Everyone reading this I'm sure is feeling the same sweet feeling looking at these tiny natural treasures. I think more people in the world need a thimble-ful of nature.


So lovely! Thank you (and adorable Fern) for this wonderful gift. I covet thimbles and have always wanted to do something creative with them. Thank you for the perfect idea. I adore your creativity and connection to the natural world. It's like seeing things for the first time. Peace and joy to you during the holidays.


thank you! and Fern too. it is a beautiful gift, taking me to a place where all is fine. i hope creating the gift was as nice as it is to receive it.

best - annri


Thank you, Margie, for this slice of your world...an inspiration to anyone who stumbles upon your blog. Resurrection Fern has become a morning staple for me...coffee, commute, Google Reader. You truly bring such joy to my day. I believe you are one of God's messengers...when I read your posts I can't help but feel awed by His creations.

Lovely World

Sweet. Many blessings to you and your family. Looking forward to more unfolding.


I love all the tiny-ness in those pictures! It's amazing what nature can do, isn't it? (especially with a little help bringing it all together)


Margie, I am a HUGE fan of CS Lewis, I so love the quote you used for you snail-y friend.


hello margaret,
i have been following your work. i love it. a month ago maybe i saw the cover of a magazine online (i live in paris france) and it had your pebbles with the crochet on them.
i do not remember the title of the magazine, but tell me, did it have a pattern or two of yours in it? (i hope with crochet charts).
this series is so cute, it could be like an advent calendar.
what i did this year for an advent is plant lentils on the 1st in half nut shells, i think i've a photo of them hidden behind knit cone trees in the post Christmas Fair, or le Marché de Noël. and yes i am going this sunday to watch your stuff up close in paris.



beautiful! Thank you! Im linking...


My mom (passed away many years ago) had a thimble collection. I'm pretty sure it's in my sister's basement. This makes me want to drag it out of its box.



These truly make me happy!!

Earth Girl Knits (Emily)

It took me a few seconds to realize why nearly the same picture was posted so many times. That little snail is precious! I love the milkweed down and the sporophytes sticking up out of the thimble. :)


Precious! Thank you so much!


Beautiful! I love the last photo of the (cedar?) cones in thimble. THank you.

Vintage Pendants

Thank You..I really love the gift shown by you. It is very cute.

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