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December 20, 2009


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Lovely World

Good for you! So much accomplished. I find when I do an intense amount of handwork, my hands really feel it. A massage with lotion really helps. Your little work spot is sweet.


You are making me exhausted!

Wishing you a beautiful Christmas my friend across the oceans...


I know you can, I know you can, I know you can!

The stones look beautiful, as does your kitchen-studio. I keep a kitchen table workshop going almost all year long, a tidy pile to the side of my spot at the table allowing me to stitch a bit in between all the goings on of the day and while keeping the little one company while she nibbles slowly at her meals. :)


such a sweet tree! all of those covered stones must have taken so much work.

i was thinking of you recently when i re-read annie dillard's "teaching a stone to talk." obviously the bit about the stones reminded me of you, but the essays are more broadly about making sense of the natural world, accepting mysteries, and reveling in our interactions with nature. your art strikes a similar chord with me. have you read it? i think you would like it.


Yes you can!


You can do it, margie!!!
And I wish you all luck with the craft show......ohhh, I wish I could visit and have a chance to look at your work IRL :)
But its to far away.....Merry Christmas , Margie!!!!!

Hugs from Clara


hugs to you, (and a cup of coffee) from someone else who likes to work late into the night. however many you do, your stones will be perfect at that exhibition. xx


Yes you can,yes you can!Good luck!I love the curtain in the kitchen!
Ariadne from Greece!


Like Melissa said, no matter how many stones & saucers you will have covered, the ones you have already made are perfect ! I know you have some kind of magic potion, so I have great hopes that you'll be able to make them all on time.
Have a great start of the first week of winter ! HUGS oxox
PS : LOVE the stone tree !


you will do it...i believe...wish you again a wonderful christmas...not so much work and time for relaxing...and the best for you and your exhibition in 2010...;)...

warm regards from germany


Mary Ellen

Be sure to rest the brain and the body. Vital to the spirit.


I hope you get some rest. Your stones, as always, are beautiful. I also love that red folkloric curtain.

green tea

Wow its awesome idea.I like this idea with stones.This looks unique and attractive.I must say that you are very creative.I do appreciate you.


I'm in awe of those hands, they achieve so much. I hope they get a nice rest in the New Year.
Enjoy the show!

Term Papers

I know you can.
Appreciated post. I really liked it.. Don't forget to update it regularly. I am looking for new updates dying to read more stuff from you. Keep sharing.

Account Deleted

Absolutely fantastic. Really enjoyed the post.


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