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December 15, 2009


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glamorous! and super lovely.


precious of your mother, thanks for sharing her with us...she is beautiful, then and now


How beautiful. She is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Loved it.


this makes me want to cry. this is my mother's signature scent too.

bethel of bethania

What a precious post in honour of your Mum & one of the things she holds so dear too her... wish I could smell it now... B


It's amazing how smells, fragrances can immediately remind someone, reemerging memories ... What a wonderful gift for your Mom to receive this book, to make her feel closer to your Dad and to bring back good memories of her life. I need to go in a perfumery as soon as possible to appreciate this special post even more/better. What a precious scent for both of you ...


I was thinking just the same Nanou! Scent evokes such strong feeling as does a piece of music for me.
I too would like to go to find Shalimar and experience it.
It is very generous of you and your mum to share these moments with us.


This brought tears to my eyes! My mum never had a favourite perfume but your mum's youth photo reminded me of her youth photo too!Ok too misty to write!Ariadne from Greece!

Shelley Noble

How beautiful she was and is. How lovely your gesture and memory.


Thank you so much Margie, for sharing this with us all, it's quite a personal thing. It must be tough for you these days & I so wish I could come & give you my warmest hugs & kisses. I have tons to give. My maternal grandma used to call me Miss Kiss. :) xoxoxo

Mathyld / encore petite

So touching ...
(my French gran wears Shalimar too)

x x x


Scents carry powerful memory triggers. I'm sure your mother was very touched by your gift.


Beautiful post, beautiful mother, beautiful daughter. Thank you for sharing this special moment with us.

I love the idea of having a "signature" scent, though nowadays I worry about wearing perfume as so many people are sensitive to it. Still, it's nice to have a subtle, delicate hint of fragrance for the very few that get really close to me.


Beautiful post.


Margie, this was such an intimate and moving post. You must be feeling so much these days. Keep making with your hands and walking in the woods... your sweetest sources of comfort. All of my love to your whole family during this beautiful and fragile time. xox p.s my grandmother wore Shalimar, too. I know this scent.


Yesterday, my kids and I entered in a perfumery to smell the wonderful scent of your Mom, I felt closer to you. Then we went to a bookstore and I bought a children book called "La Moufle" (The Mitten) to offer to my son soon. I wish you could feel all my thoughts and love ...


Oh, that intense, sweet smell of Shalimar! My mother also wore that scent for a long period in my childhood. Thank you for sharing more of your times with your mother. She's a beautiful woman.


what a beautiful post for your mother!


ther is nothing like perfume to connect us to a person, is there?
i love this post- thank you for sharing glimpses of your mother with us. xx

Laura A.

Thank you for sharing these memories. My mother wore Shalimar, and it's been my favourite for years too. It smells as divine today as it did the first time I smelled it.



Melissa R

I am way behind in my blog reading. A sign that life has been busy, too much so. I am in love with the picture of your mother. Thank you for sharing it with us. My heart gets so full when I look at "old" pictures of loved ones. My mother, my grandmothers. In their young woman youth. When the beauty was so beautiful, but only skin deep, not yet the beauty that comes with living, with wisdom. I try to understand that layer of them. Of their life. When I look at my mother's 20ish year old pictures I see a movie star. Why didn't I look like that at that age? Where was the magic, the romantic images when I was 20? The old pictures, they are magical and give such a look into the past of our loved ones.

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