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December 03, 2009


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I can almost taste the freshness of the air. There is nothing quite like it, after it has snowed.

I love these glimpses of your work.


To join you ? Oh yes, thanks so much, Margie, for this tempting invite !!! I'm coming right now with my elfish powers ...
These stones feel so lucky ! What an amazing life and what a promising and exciting future ahead at the show with you ! I guess their favorite time is when you hold them in your skillful and loving hands.
Love ... and thanks so much for linking me, that's so kind of you !


oh yes, I will join you :) right away !
U's still feverish, why did I fool myself ? He's rather fine during the day, then fever comes in the evening/night.
Ooh our Nanou ... she's such a sweetheart ... our woodland fairy :)
Good luck for the rest of the week. oxoxo love


May I please? I could use some head clearing. The stones are beautiful, they seem so lovely and large.

Mathyld / encore petite

Margie + snow ? Of course I'll join you !

Thank you for sharing your snow !

And I love these new stones ! They look very wintery, perfectly hugged in their crocheted wrapping.

x x x


A walk in the snow is the perfect way to clear the mind!! I love spending time in quiet and thinking.

pumpkin seeds

If birds are stealing too much fruit, cover plants with bird netting as the berries ripen.

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