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January 18, 2010


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i have loved bower birds since childhood, but rarely get a chance to see any.
I look forward to seeing your art work!

micro sd

Hey also like bower birds very much and they are just cute.Those are really beautiful photographs and I like it.I like the way you have written your feelings.Thanks..


This echoes a post I have been meaning to write for the last few days! I've posted the photos but the words haven't come together yet. I made have to steal "bower," if you don't mind!

Michelle Shopped

bowers sound so much in sync with a retreat i'm organizing -- http://bayendartretreats.squarespace.com/ -- would love to catch your work in providence! it's a hop skip and a jump from me!


That video is amazing! I had never seen nor heard of these particular birds before. They are fasinating! Thanks for sharing!


bower birds and magpies. two of my favorite avian friends.


I haven't seen the kind of bowerbird in that video, but here in southeastern Australia we get the Satin Bowerbirds, who create a small bower as their home and decorate it with anything blue - feathers, berries, bits of ribbon, bottle tops, biro pens!

It's quite a sight, to be walking through the bush and come across a collection of bright bright blue tidbits out the front of a little stick cave.

Coincidentally (considering the comment just above mine), I've just posted video on my blog of our local magpies singing at me for their supper.

My condolences for your mother's passing. I read here frequently but don't often comment.


I have been fascinated by bower birds since I saw a nature show about them years ago... there is something so touching about the males building those unbelievable structures for their mates.

I have been making paper cut nests lately and have been planning to do some bowers as well... thank you for sharing that... especially about your Mother... I'm so sorry to hear of her passing.

Carolyn Leach-Paholski

So, very sorry to read of your mother's passing and hope you are managing the memories and questions that surface at this time.
I early December I was shown a couple of satin bowerbird bowers on a property I was staying on in NSW. Both males were adorning their bowers in every bit of blue they could find - milk bottle caps, biro tops, cellophane - they were even stealing from each others bowers to deck their own!

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