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January 22, 2010


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ooooh thank you very much for all these refreshing photos indeed ! I love the star shaped little seeds (or seed containers ?) on the dry flower. So cute.
I'm so very happy you'll get some great time with Arounna again ! Can't wait to see what you'll have made ! Big hugs xoxo


I have been away, but not by choice.... you know life is funny? here is a new poem for you.
As we are young
our life begun
we dream of being swept away
raveged and loved
caressed and hugged
and Mr right would always love and protect you this way.
But into my life,
while in sickness and strife
a dark new lover I have
Ravenging me,
he loves me you see
eating me whole some days.
Escape I can not... in his cluches I was held tight
could not get out of his sight,
until today,
the doctor did say
Rane we have the cancer at bay,
and no more treatments for me....
This dark lover I have met before,
but hope not to meet any more.
and that he now will stay away.
I am tired but here,
so never you fear...
honestly I am ok.

Love you Sonia ... I have missed all of you so much.
I am ok, just when I had N1 H1 I got so weak and turned
up I had cancer again.
The doctors told me today I am over it... that the cancer is now
gone... and it is just the long recovery... I am so tired.
but the kids are all healthy ,,, and my true love is too.
I will post more when I feel better... have more energy.
Loads of love you and your family... and all of the ladies that support you. Love you all.


My winter tromp in the snow yesterday was quite graceless, but so refreshing to feel that cold air. I need to try cross-country skis soon.

I can't wait to see the results of your letterpress work! I love the texture of it.


i love the colours in that last photo :)

have fun today!


Lynne Kovan

Just discovered your blog. Just love the way you combine creativity with a life in medicine. Trying to do the same, but in palliative nursing. Your pictures of the snow are lovely!


Margie what a wonderful way to spend the day, with a fellow creative spirit and a letterpress - bliss.

So happy to hear from Rane too, as I'm sure you are.

Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your day with arounna.

Tour de Greenbelt

Wow!!!! thank you very much for all these refreshing photos.... I love the star shaped little seeds on the dry flower....

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