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January 17, 2010


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you honor her in such a beautiful way, and there is so much love that you can feel from the photo of all gathered together. thinking of you, and blessings to you.

Mathyld / encore petite

I hug you tight, very very tight in my thoughts, right now.
I love you my friend,
x x x


What a life well lived and very well loved.
Much love to you and your family in this most difficult time.


very beautiful. thank you for sharing. my thoughts have gone to you often, please, take care.

Karen Salva

very beautiful Margie and a life well lived. big hugs to you!!!


Thank you for sharing your mom with us, she sounds like she was an amazing and wonderful person.


lovely words for a lovely person. smiles at the graveside suggest a celebration of a life well lived.


what a lovely eulogy and thanks for sharing.

keep spinning that web M.



Thank you so much for sharing this. With spider webs playing such a role in your life, it's no surprise to me that you crochet such beautiful "webs".




Such a beautiful tribute to your mother. She sounds like such a creative, energetic and loving person, full of elegance and good humor. Thank you for letting us have a glimpse of her life.


I'm deeply touched you shared with us this wonderful tribute to your dear Mom and all your strenght. I know the web of your family will last forever, Margie, and I'm pleased to feel all of you warmed up by all the love your Mom spinned around you. A big big kiss to you.


Big hugs from Clara, to you and your family!

I want to write so much here , but I havent enough english words in my brain, but you know that you are in my thoughts, sweet Margie!

Take care!


A lovely eulogy Margie. Your mother sounds like my grandmother (who had 8 children of her own) -

My thoughts are with you.


Lovely words spoken from your heart and most of all lovely smiles on your faces because death of a person who loved and was loved in a full complete life should be a celebration!Ariadne from Greece!


Margie, thank you for sharing the beautiful words you wrote for your mom. Her life is a real inspiration. And thank you for sharing her view of what a funeral should be--I agree, and I'm so glad that you were able to fulfill her wishes.


Beautiful Margie,
My thoughts are with you, big hugs to you and your family.

Michelle Shopped

wow -- beautiful, deep and sacred...


And what a web of love your mother has created...
And look how far it reaches... over the world wide web.


I just want to let you know that I nominted your blog multiple times for The Handmade Olympics! Go check it out, because you might win some great prizes!


Thank you for such a lovely and inspirational blog!


What a warm and deeply moving post of the best send off a person could wish for. My heart goes out to you all. Wishing you all the best x


Much love to your Margie - your eulogy is beautiful, and you are so lucky to be surrounded by such a wonderful family.


So beautiful Margie... I left you a little video dedication at my blog. BIG hug.


That was a beautiful way to honor your mom. I feel like I know her a little bit now. Hugs.


I feel so very blessed that you have shared your words with us. Thank you.


Your words leave me speechless. She was amazing, and she raised, with your father, amazing children too. Thank you so very much for having shared the threads of her life with us. Love you. xoxo


A truly, loving tribute and beautiful eulogy. Wishing you peace.


Reading your wonderful words makes me feel as though I was there too. Thanks for putting the experience here for all of us to share. The warmth and strength of your family shines through in your images.
I'm smiling for Alice and will toast her too. Cheers :)
J x


Very Beautiful!

micro sd

Its really very interesting to read this post about your family web.You have written this post very well.I like that you have shared this with us.


what an amazing family you have, held together by that lovely mother alice. i think she is inspiring! thank you for sharing this all with us. xxx


There's so much love spreading from this spider web ...
A big hug to you.

Denise Felton

Thank you so much for sharing this memorial. I'm proud to have gotten to know Alice -- and your whole family -- a tiny bit through these words and pictures. What a blessing.


What a beautiful tribute for a beautiful lady. And thank you for sharing this special moment with us. My thoughts are with you.

Elsita :)

My dear friend,
After a very intense time over here with my family from Florida I came to visit you (I have had you and your Mom in my mind for all this time) and I found this beautiful, touching and deep memorial. I always knew that you and your beautiful family were going to give your Mom the gift of a "good funeral" as you said. Full of love and celebration for her remarkable life.
I have come to appreciate my Mom even more in the last week (she had some health scare during out trip to the mountains) Reading your words here makes me realize how lucky we are to have special Mothers that have left a deep mark in our lives.

I still remember the picture of your Mom wearing the pink bunny ears, that's how I see her, with a big smile, those sparkly eyes and pink bunny ears. Whenever she comes to visit you in your dreams please say hi to her for me. She has a special place in my heart even though we never met in person.

I send you a big hug!
And all my love!
Elsi :)


I followed the link from geninne's blog and just letting you know you left me with a warmth in my heart! :)


What a beautiful tribute to your mother. I feel your loss but admire the strength with which you all celebrated her beautiful life.

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