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January 24, 2010


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wintu nancy

Really neat stuff. Thanks for the chance to win some.


Margie I am glad you had such fun, and have to admit I am more than just a little jealous that you have such a great resource at your desposal. LOL! You art here ...like all you do is lovely.


Your paper products turned out just beautiful!
What a great addition to your art. I really love the


sounds like my kind of workout!

winning this giveaway would be like winning a jackpot; you're so generous!

best - annri


happy birthday! i love your work - thanks for this.


how fun to see your stones like that! great giveaway....thanks for the opportunity! ;)


Okay, "visiting Margie and Arounna" is definitely on my wish list!

Bethel of Bethania

Happy Blog Birthday, Margie.
Gosh you guys look like you had heaps of fun with the letterpress... lovely to do something a bit different now & again too, I feel. Good for the Soul & the company [& fun] makes it even better... OOroo... Bethel

Caitlin Brookes

It sounds like you had so much fun doing this project. The results are beautiful! It's great to have a friend to teach you something new! Thanks for the inspiration!


Love the "I love you" card and the moleskin. You were inspired! I hope we'll see more in the future...maybe a snail?
Thank you!

mon ami

these are beautiful - well worth the sore muscles;)

happy anniversary

Carolyn Leach-Paholski

The snail pushes through a green night,
for the grass is heavy with water and meets
over the bright path he makes
where rain has darkened the earth's dark.
He moves in a wood of desire

pale antlers barely stirring as he hunts.
I cannot tell what power is at work
drenching there with purpose, knowing nothing.
What is a snail's fury?
All I think is that if later

I parted the blades above the tunnel
and saw the thin trail of broken white
across the litter,
I would have never imagined the slow passion
to that deliberate progress.

Thom Gunn Consider the Snail

Apologies to Mr Gunn if the line breaks are in the wrong spots - I'm typing from memory.

I love snails too and having just discovered your beautiful blog am deliciously immersed in reading it all and breathlessly anxious for the next post!
Greetings to Fern and happy anniversary to both of you!


All these prints are gorgeous ! I'm in full admiration for your handmade stamps : what a great memory of your covered stones ! Arouna's studio itself is a magical place and I'm very happy you had so much fun together. I wish I could shrink and hide in your pocket to enjoy all this creative excitment !

Happy blogsbirthday, Resurrection Fern ! Thank you to make my eyes and my heart sparkle every morning when I wake up. And thank you, dear Margie, to make all of us dream with your fabulous and very generous surprises ! Isn't it us who should offer you presents to celebrate your blog's birthday and to show you our gratitude ? Is Fern going to blow out two tiny candles on a lettuce cake ?

Much love and happy Monday !

Christine C.

I love your prints....how beautiful! Your crochet designs transfer so well to paper.

I stopped by your show in Providence last week... simply beautiful work! What a treat!

Lynne Kovan

Sounds like a heavenly day, gorging on paper, inks, stamps and all things connected with writing. I love your cards. Am covetous of your day!!


Happy blog birthday! Thank you for such a beautiful blog and your generous give away. I would love to have one of your beautifully crochet covered sea stones!


everything is so lovely!

Maria Dent

These are fantastic!


Happy blog birthday Margie!
What a fantastic day you must have had being with good company and working on something new.I love learning new things too.I would love to take part in your give away!Ariadne from Greece!


Seems you had had a great moment printing, and your stones look fabulous on paper. Happy second year!!!

Lady K

Happy 2nd Birthday!!! Thanks for sharing with us a glimpse into your world. I really enjoy reading about all your lovely creations and looking at all the beautiful pictures you post. =)


What an exciting chance! Happy 2nd blog birthday! Which seems like a good opportunity to mention how much I've looked forward to your entries ever since I found this blog; thanks for all of the inspiration :)

Janet Hyland

happy 2nd birthdayblog. It's lovely to see your work and I always look forward to reading your blog and looking at your work which is always beautiful. Jan


Happy blogoversary! Amazing to think it's only been two years, I feel like I've been enjoying your thoughtful and beautiful posts for so much longer than that. Here's to another two years (and more)!


Happy Bloggy Birthday! This is my first comment on your blog.. i guess i was being shy... I love all your wonderful words, and inspiring images, and i visit almost daily. I've been using your vintage crochet mushroom pattern for gifts all this holiday season & covered my xmas tree with pompoms made with your great tutorial. I would be over the moon to win some of your beautiful work! Thank you for the chance to win.. and p.s. I think i'm over my first comment nerves... xxx nadine


what beautiful cards - letterpress is so lovely, but sometimes very sterile - you found a way to really personalize the process. happy 2nd blog-birthday!


Happy blog birthday! That sounds like the best kind of workout, producing something beautiful and burning off some calories at the same time!

Sara Bowen

It took me a while to find your site, but it was worth the trawl! I love your stones and am in awe of your crocheting talents... I do tatting instead of crochet and I'm fascinated to see if I can be a bit less rigid with the form of it and use it to cover things. Happy blog anniversary - I hope you get as much out of your blog as I get out of mine - and may you have ideas and inspiration all year. Best wishes, Sara


Happy anniversary and what a productive workshop - must have been wonderful.


margie!! qué lindo todo ésto!!!!besos!!


Happy blogiversary! All that letterpress stuff brings back memories of my printing class in junior high -- such fun! Thanks for the giveaway!


your blog is a nearly daily inspiration, both for the beautiful work and the beautiful attitude to life's ups and significant downs, happy blog birthdy.


Happy Blog anniversary! I have been following your lovely site for awhile & looking forward to what you have to say in the coming year!


Happy Blogiversary! The letter press is stunning!

Kate Fern

Just beautiful work, your blog is always so inspiring. Happy blog birthday!


good for you! Happy Birthday! On my blogs one year, somehow google managed to "accidentally" delete my entire blog...very sad. I almost didn't do another one, but it now been another year since, but only have half of my work to show for it! lol! you have to laugh at this or I could have cried and never done it at all!

Good luck! And love visiting you and chatting with you on Flickr!


Karen at sew and sow life

Lovely art, thoughts, wisdom. Thank you for being here, in this space.


So gorgeous! I've been lurking and admiring for a little while now. I don't know if you'd do international sending for a winner, but just thought I'd check. I'm from NZ :)


Happy 2nd blog birthday! The stamps look great :)


I am in love with these images. Utterly gorgeous. The combination of textures of your lacy rocks, the toothy paper, and the impression of the letterpress are beautiful.

This is my kind of exercise. :)

Jessica C

Happy Blog Birthday!
I love letterpress works and I love your covered stones. Seeing your covered stones as letterpress is really quite a beautiful treat. Hopefully the 31st will be my lucky day ;)

Jenna C.

I love that green color too! I have been coveting those crocheted sea stones since I first saw one. They look so beautiful as prints too.


Happy Birthday Blog!! How fun. I've always wanted to try out letterpress! So glad you enjoyed it. I actually have a letterpress box on my wall that holds a lot of little trinkets. I have actual letters that spell my name :) Gotta find some more of those for my hubby and childs name someday.


Happy Birthday Blog! What amazing goodies you made working with the letter press, it must have been so much fun!! Love it!


I'm so glad you got your package!

I love the letterpress goodies. Lovely as always Margie.




Oh, stunning! Congratulations to you. I find your work and your words endlessly inspiring.


The paper goods are gorgeous!


i would enjoy using your letterpress paper goods ! & my turquoise studio would like the company of one of your crochet covered stones ! have a great day !


Beautiful cards! Thanks for the giveaway!


Oh gosh, the prints are just beautiful and inspirational!! Thank you so much for sharing them.

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