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January 24, 2010


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Ana Tenorio

Congratulations, I´ve vote for your blog, you´re sensational. Thanks for being here. I´m spanish but I follow you every day.


Happy bloganniversary, dear friend ! I've told you enough times (I think) how I love coming here each day, and how much you are inspirational to me, and to hundreds, thousands people probably ! THANK YOU. For being you, for being true, and for sharing with us.
Please can you add my name to this absolutely delicious giveaway, I can NOT miss that !
xoxoxo big hugs

Kate Herzberg

How very lovely. Every morning when I turn on my computer, I check your blog for my daily dose of inspiration, awe and nostalgia. As a Newf who has lived in Montreal for nearly 20 years I am totally smitten with your rock art. I have been carting back suitcases full of them, collected by my 3 daughters for years, but have only ever gotten around to admiring them in bowls and piles around our house.

I did try your doily snow-flakes up in the laurentians. My daughters thought they made beautiful snow-fort windows.

Thanks again for your calm inspiration.

michele (maryland)

You are so lucky to learn how to letterpress. I love what you were able to create.


Lovely! Letterpress is on my list of techniques to learn. Maybe I'd exercise more if it involved a beautiful finished product like this!

Jessie Hansen

i would like to work on a letter press, but getting some of your stuff would be just as magical i think!


It's always so calming to come to your site (I visit through Google reader). Exploring your world is like going on a small vacation.
I love your new stationary...just beautiful!

Michelle Shopped

yes! you had me at letterpress workout (i don't do well in sedentary jobs), and then i was thinking, you have such a great design aesthetic and then i saw the give-a-way, woot! you're at the top of my list of dream teachers someday...

Laura F

Beautiful cards!!
Happy blog birthday. :)


happy blog birthday, margie! her's to many more.


Thanks for your inspiring blog and beautiful images... always brightens my day


As usual your work turned out beautifully! Now you have me wanting to try letterpressing...!


Congratulations on your anniversary!


Swoon! I love these!!

I meant to tell you that my 9-yr-old daughter made some frozen art after being inspired by me telling her about your wreaths. I didn't show her your pics until the next day because we got busy and I forgot!

Here in east Texas we rarely get a freezing night(or long enough to freeze something solid anyway). We have a night or two coming up that will be in the mid-20s so she's thinking up her next frozen project.(pics on my blog if you want to see what she did).


Mary Ellen

I agree! Letterpress printing is truly a great core workout and perfect for toning up arms. I miss it so. Could you mention how you made the block prints of your stones? Is it a special process, like polymer plates or ??
Happy 2nd birthday to your lovely blog. It makes my day to read it. Though I am in tough competition, and I wish everyone could win your giveaway, I would be especially ecstatic to be selected! Though I would've left this comment anyways. <3 & xx
Have a wonderful week!

Dale Smith

I love letterpress. I see endless possibilities for you Margie.

Carrie D

A good friend of mine just sent me your way and ive absolutly fallen in love with your work. Its all lovely!


Love your covered stones prints, almost as much as the covered stones ! All of your work has such cohesion---a unified vision. Thanks for the eye candy.


i love reading your blog!

i've been admiring your stones and wished i could of made it to the craft fair last month, but alas, i live in GA...

maybe i'll get lucky and win one...i have a home ready and waiting....found a sparrow's tiny nest in a honeysuckle bush and waited til it was occupant left and went back to retrieve it....would look complete with one of your small stone treasures nestled in it...

your blog celebrated a birthday milestone, so did i on saturday...
*fingers crossed*


happy anniversary
your blog is a pleasure for the eye and a real inspiration. Thank you !


Wow - the stones translate so beautifully to print! The detail is really amazing; I can remember using lace for its intricacy in the print-making studio in college - but the hand-crochet is really something special. Very nice work!

alyson two eagles

i am at a stuck & frustrated point in my life where my mind is easily prone to discouragement and disillusionment. your blog is a daily reminder to me of all things beautiful and possible in myself and this world. thank you thank you thank you.


oh i just love your art and your blog! i would LOVE to be entered in the giveaway....thanks!


I am so pleased to have found your blog recently, I am inspired by your sense of nature and creativity in all its forms. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway!

Holly Rabalais

I don't know anything about letterpress...how did you make the molds of your covered stones? This unique design is really what makes your prints so special.

Lovely World

Margie, Your letter press is so beautiful. Sounds like you really enjoyed yourself. What a meditative activity to help you through this time in your life. Be well and thank you so much for having such a generous give away!


Sounds like a perfect day! And a beautiful outcome, too. Thank you for sharing the experience.


beautiful letterpress, what a delicious combination of media and images

Ashley Lee

What an awesome giveaway!
You have such an inspiring blog and I love visiting each day. Happy Blogaversary!


It is very nice of you to do a giveaway. Your work is beautiful, the patterns of your stones works so well in letterpress!

Michele Merges Martens

Really great that you can have the stones' images on paper too. Have fun!


Well, happy bloggy birthday!

Jackie Wight

How could anyone resist such a lovely offer??? Beautiful work...


Happy Blog Birthday! Oh how I wish I could come play! I love letterpress stationary and it looks like so much fun. Have a great week.

Melissa R

loving it all. who carved the rock stamps you used in the press?


thank you so much for the space you occupy in my life.

I too am jealous that you had the opportunity to work on a letterpress!


I love your covered stones (in fact my bday is coming up and hopefully my husband was listening and got me one!) Your cards are just as beautiful. Congratulations on your second blog Birthday!


Thanks for the give away! I only stumbled across your blog yesterday and it looks good so far (apart from seeing the WTFWJD in one of your photos for this post. :-(. )
i do look forward to reading more though! X

Julie Alvarez

Congratulations on the aniversary!
(The truth is that... I hope I win! I love what you do.)


thanks margie for the lovely post - I didn't realize how much you printed. so great to see you and happy blog anniversary!!xo

Jessica J.

I love and appreciate your blog so much! It provides me with a feeling of peace and inspiration! Thank you!


what a great combination - print and crochet - looking forward to many more "blog anniversaries" !!

Dorothy M.

Hi there! Your space here has become a favorite haunt of mine. I love the snails and snow and stones and quiet. And I would really really love to welcome these beautiful pieces of resurrection fern into my home (which I happen to share with a letterpress fanatic!). Thank you for putting this lovely assemblage together!


Beyond beautiful!!! Count me in :)

Justine Costerouse

These are so beautiful. My husband has a letterpress shop in San Francisco, so I can easily imagine your beautiful images printed with that distinctive letterpress texture. Thanks for sharing...


ooh i would love a cute little crochet rock :)


Happy blog birthday!! Your prints look so divine :) K


I very much enjoy the crochet coated stones you created and utilize in so many parts of your creations. Your photography is always good and occasionally breathtaking. Keep up the fun!

Eileen Lyons

Happy Birthday,
I look forward to your blog like nothing else in my day. It is a beautiful little treasure.
Thank You!


I felt my heart give a few extra beats when I saw your stones printed on letterpress. I can't even express how perfect they are--and how wonderful that they can be produced in unlimited quantities!!! I hope you are planning to sell them in your Etsy shop. Please put my name on the list!

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