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January 24, 2010


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Oh my, the prints are gorgeous! And I love the jagged edges of the paper. So cute!


Wow, your letterpress cards and photos are beautiful, and so is everything else you do : )

Amy Rule

Greetings from a landscape vastly different from your own. An appreciation from a loyal reader who shares your awareness of nature and devotion to craft. Tucson, Arizona, has few ferns and mosses, but lots of beautiful rocks. No one appreciates deciduous trees more than desert dwellers. If you ever want to try felting the inner skeleton of cholla cactus, let me know!


I took a workshop with Arounna a couple of weeks ago - I'm so impressed with the work you did! It makes me want to go back again and get back on the press


the translation from one medium to another was so beautiful.
what delicate lines

Chris Kelsey

Margie - I love the letterpress goodies. I hope you will have them in your Etsy shop soon. The crochet-covered stones come out so beautifully.


As always, such beautiful work! One of these days, I'm going to make it down to Toronto to Arounna's shop!

Happy 2nd anniversary!! Thank you for bringing bits of your lovely creative world to us.


What lovely work you do.

Claire Smith

Margaret, the prints look wonderful, I think the cards should be framed, mini art works, very effective. Love your work, printing is such fun,despite the workout! thanks for the opportunity to enter the draw.


I know I would certainly be wowed by the giveaway - reading about your letterpress 'workout' makes me wish there are such workshops here too.
Happy 2nd blog birthday!

Amanda H

Hello! I am a new fan of your work and beautiful photographs!

Jacqui Dodds

Happy Second Anniversary! Your letterpress printing is gorgeous and I love the colours that you are using.


Wow! Those look amazing! Great job

Robin Lynn

Wow. I really want to learn letterpress. Your cards are stunning.

Leslie Glenn

Those stamps are amazing! All your stuff is amazing...thank you for sharing it with us!


i love your stones in letterpress! the combination of stitch details and fade looks so ethereal.
congratulations on your blog anniversary. it takes a lot of hard work to blog that long. i hope you keep blogging for a long, long time.


Holy beautiful and happy birthday RF! Letterpress produces such precious results, and the prints of your stones are just perfect.


Margaret - your work is so beautiful, and so inspiring! Before my Mom passed away, she taught me to tat. Because I am the craftiest of the family, I got to keep all of her craft supplies. In the midst of all the little bits of ribbon and thread, I found little bits of tatting and beginnings of cards and stationary that Mom was creating.
When I get home tonight, I will pull those boxes out, take out my tatting and see what I can do to continue her work.
Thank you so much for inspiring me to do more.


Those prints are lovely, thanks for giving us a chance to win them. Can I just say how much I'm loving reading this blog, your photos make me feel so at peace.


your work is just too lovely!


Thanks for this giveaway. It's really nice of you.


I love reading your blog and seeing your projects and nature photos. You are an inspired soul.

Cloudy Kate

I love your combination of fiber and stone. I crochet too, and may have to try a stone. I really enjoy your blog--it's one of those where you can feel the atmosphere you're writing and photographing in. Such a nice respite from daily cares. Kate


Beautiful!! Thanks so much for such a great opportunity to have a piece of your art in my hot little hands! Love you, love your blog, love your art!!


I've been dying to learn letterpress for years and have not yet got around to it. Your cards are absolutely gorgeous!


oh this is exciting! I love your work - and your blog! - so much! It would be wonderful to have one of your stones. I know just where I'd put it; I have a window installation, inspired by you, and the stone would go in the sill. And the letterpress goodies would be such a bonus!


what a great extension of your art! you have inspired me to possible knit some cozies for some rocks. the rocks i have of yours brings a smile to my face everyday. thanks for that. brett

Andrea in Vermont

Oh, what a grand day out - I am quite envious! Lovely to see the three dimensional transformed to two dimensional and yet retain an echo of its depth - just beautiful. Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy some up close - Happy Anniversary!


Oh Margie!!!

The collection of things you have made with the letterpress are just lovely! I especially love the little red thankyou cards.

Once you have such a good design as a crocheted stone there is no looking back!


I recently discovered your blog and am so pleased I did. Your words, attitude and way of sharing are an inspiration - not to mention your fantastic art works. I love the stones and think I might copy one for a friend who loves doilies and tatting. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your world. Mine is miles away in New Zealand... and it's summertime here.


Congratulations on your blog birthday! The prints are lovely!


Happy Blog Birthday, Margie !


I'd say your workout was certainly worth it. What beautiful stationary. I'd love to win some!

Beth Grim

Thank you for continuing to create such an inspirational blog. I've enjoyed watching your covered stones evolve as you interpret them in various mediums.

Jen Green

I have just found your blog and oh my, what a treat! So inspiring and beautiful.


Thank you for the endless inspiration and astonishing beauty you bring to your website... I was enchanted, months ago when I first saw your crochet-covered pebbles, (which are a strangely perfect expression of nature, beauty and love) & have been wishing I could crochet, (eeeek! three thumbs), and construct one of my own for my friend, who is dealing with a recent personal tragedy. I feel that the gift of a clothed pebble would say more than any clumsy words. I wish you a wonderful year, and thank you again for sharing your vision.

Joan V.

I can't believe this is only your second anniversary. I love following your blog and seeing your beautiful art. I'm crazy about felted rocks since seeing them here over a year ago. (And I'm jealous you have a letterpress.)
You have my sympathy for your Alice's passing. I lost my mom last year, also from cancer.
Love + peace.


How on earth did I miss this post?!? I'd been waiting to see the results of your day with arounna and here they are. What a special, fabulous day you had together. I'm glowing green with envy, can you see me from there?
J x

...and thank you for your very pretty printed card.


Wonderful, Margie! Happy Blogiversary!


Oh, my. I came over to remember ice sun catchers. I am always reminded to look at the beauty in my world when I look at yours.


Your work is inspiring. I am in awe of your covered stones & fabulous prints.


Congratulations! I'm been following your blog for a while and you have inspired me to dig out my thread and hook away. Your creativity knows no bounds!
p.s. Edgar is adorable


oh lordy! what good timing to get in on this giveaway!! i've been wanting a stone for the longest time and these printed cards are equally beautiful. i always look at your flickr stream but don't hop over here near enough. i will have to remedy that! fingers crossed....

brionie williams

Congrats on your 2nd anniversary....resurrection fern is one of the first blogs i read everyday with joy and comfort...what a great idea to use your stones for stationary, they are lovely....would be a great addition in your shop!


How lovely! Giving away presents to celebrate your blog's birthday - a very generous and hobbit-like choice :)

Crafty Gardener

I love the cards you have been making. They are inspiring me to make some of my own.

Elaine Waters

It is amazing, how many lives you and Fern and Byron and....all of your reflections touch so deeply. I cannot even begin to tell you how expressing your life has touched mine.

Thank you.


Happy Blog Birthday! Your blog is a constant inspiration to me. I love how you look at nature. I feel like I see it differently when I look at it through your eyes. You inspired me to make my first stone merfish necklace and I made an extra fish tail to yarnbomb a random rock.
These letterpress prints are beautiful. Thank you for all you share.

emily m

your blog is such an inspiration! thank you!


I love the idea of printing your crocheted pieces. They are terrific !!

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