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January 31, 2010


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so, so beautiful! i love that cuff. i think you must have the happiest letterbox in the world :)


What lovely parcels to receive from France and England. Your new cuff looks wonderful on your arm!
Such treasures for sure!


It is wonderful how you are chronicling these gifts; weaving a beautiful web.
Yes, that is a gorgeous, rich cuff!


Nanou, Joanie & I are so proud to be your friend, Margie, and we're so happy to have brought you a little joy, comfort & love these past week. Thank you for including this in the Stone Diaries, but mine was simply a Christmas gift. I'm always honored to be here, though :) So glad the cuff fits & that you like it ! oxoxox many hugs !

Lovely World

Love the show the cats are putting on. Don't you love how the packages are just as beautiful wrapped as unwrapped?


How very fortunate you are to have so many wonderful friends from all over indulge your love of stones. I too have loved stones. Mostly my family just told me that I had rocks in my head....but what the heck...they're lovely and possess a special spirit that is enduring. I'm teaching the grandkids how to love themjust as much as I do , much to their parents chagrin. Ya gotta love it.

Lynne Kovan

What lovely presents. I love it when someone goes to the trouble of wrapping little gifts individually. I also love it when cats take the trouble to arrange themselves in such an artistic manner! Even when showing their tummies!


Oooooooooh Margie ! How kind of you to have included my little things in your such honorific Stone Diaries (I didn't expected that, as it was a Christmas enveloppe) ... and close to our wonderful Joanie and Sonia !

I'm happy all arrived safely and proud it could bring a smile to you. And to Byron ! He would maybe like to have his own "Byron diaries". I guess a Chartreux Cat has so much to tell ... I can't help imagining his ancestors (dressed with woolen hats and scarves ... and snowshoes !) walking with monks in single file on the tops of the mountains :D

I'm in love with the little sweater Nini made for her heartstone. How thoughtful of her ! It seems so cosy and practical to travel and warm during a cold Canadian winter. Edgar looks to agree with me !

I'm filled with admiration for Sonia's treasures too and particulary for her very beautiful and well-thought out cuff. It fits you perfectly !

All of you, Margie, Nini and Sonia (and many others in this great community) have magic in your hands !

Lots of thanks for suggesting "starting a blog". How kind coming from you ! I should first find that magic potion of time management ... or learn more about the snails attitude (as you explained some times ago) !

I think I should print the part of this post where you talk about your dream of being altogether on your porch :) :) :) I would read it each night in my bed just before switching off the light and I would make very sweet and wonderful dreams !

Thanks for this special post and wish you all a fantastic week ! Much love to you, Margie, and to all the family, human and other ...

Jill Wignall

All these packages are so lovely! I especially like the red and white themed one. I'm really enjoying all the stone diaries posts. They are inspiring me to take up my old habit again of sending packages. I like the idea of just sending simple little gifts like a variety of teas and a selection of shells. One doesn't need money to send a thoughtful little package. Really inspiring. Thank you. x


Oh Margie I've been "away" for a few days and missed this. How honored I am to included here with these talented and generous ladies. My package was just a little comfort gift and I'm happy it brought a smile.
Nanou and Sonia make such sweet packages that I think even the postman has an extra skip in his step just knowing he gets to deliver them.
Just let me know when that porch party is and I'll be there with craft in hand, a song in my heart and a smile on my face :)

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