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February 07, 2010


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Two extra legs to hold needles to knit his web : a warm and cosy wool-web for winter time ! :)
Did you see he also has two ears ?
Happy Monday Margie !


an extra pair of legs ... for dancing of course :)
your new piece is sooooo beautiful, Margie, I wish I could see it closer, and touch it too, I bet it's just wonderful.
Thinking about webs, I also think that the top of your crochetted stones also looks like a spider's web.
Can't wait to see who that gorgeous spider will travel to. (and I'm intrigued by that page featuring Alabama Chanin) oxoxo


he uses the extra legs to build even more beautiful, artistic webs. don't you wish sometimes that you had an extra pair of hands to create with?



I guess my reponse is a little less optimistic...spiders scare me so I imagine the extra legs were added to make him a little scarier, a little creepier, a little more skittery. The smile disarms you while the little legs terrify you.


Thank you for teaching me one more artist!I had a look at the site.Quite pessimistic,obsessed with death black and white sketches and among them a grinning spider!Its 10 legs look to me like the fingers of two hands.He could not decide if he wanted to make a monster,he added the grin and the 10 fingers to make it more human.Maybe because to him spiders weren't monsters and wanted to show others as well.Ariadne from Greece!


hola margie!!!!l love your spider,felt and stamp!!!so special as all your beauties!!!!l think he has 10 legs because he wants this...everybody is talking about it...the fame!!...he smiles...he is happy!!!...
muchos besos margie...and in my next hollydays to patagonia where l use to go...l will send you the stones of course l will!!!!


The extra two appendages are arms, I think, one of Redon's gestures at anthropomorphizing that little guy. I think it's interesting how cartoonists depict insects as human-like characters, and how true-to-nature they choose to be.


Maybe he's got lots of places to go, and the extra legs will help him in that!? Lovely quote.

Melissa R

Upon looking at other Redon images, I think the extra legs are required. A smiling spider with six legs... cool, interesting, but more ordinary. Add a couple of legs and things become more interesting. So much of his work is fantasy, imagination... so, extra legs are required. Thanks for sharing. I SO don't like spiders but I enjoy looking through your eyes at them.

Earth Girl Knits (Emily)

Your posts on webs inspired a final project for a class I took this January. Here's a post I wrote about it. http://earthgirlknits.blogspot.com/2010/01/west-michigan-food-systems-final.html

Thanks, as always, for the inspiration, Margie!


The extra legs are definitely to make him look more spidery. The thing about spiders that gives them their character and genius is their leggyness. He's got a little more.


That spider smile is really very funny.I also like that spider of embroidered body and stiffened crocheted legs.Thanks for this post.

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