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February 21, 2010


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oh sure I do think that snow makes the best canvas !!!
what a delightful walk you've made, so happy to hear you had such a refreshing time on your own. Thank you dearly for the delicious photos, I love the one with the moss in the nest, the one with the snow (melting) covering a huge rock & looking like ruffles, and the last one with your precious gathered pieces collection. Well, in fact, I love them all LOL
xoxoxo have a great rest of your Sunday, it's 10pm here now. oxox


That water looks so refreshing! I love it when spring pops up in tiny places, just warm enough to enjoy the outdoors.
(Also makes me excited for my winter hike through rocks and rivers next week!)


You've collected a beauriful array of textures... I'm loving the Olympics too.

best. (or should I say, "personal best"? ;)


Beautiful pics! As always :)


I'm in Ontario as well. I am thoroughly enjoying the spring-like February!


This beautiful post gives me hope for spring.


oh! i love that last photo. your snow is breathtaking! i miss it.


All the pictures are fabulous but,
the last one is my favorite. There is something about a birds nest and
any heart shape that just captures me! : )

Melissa R

M, I have a question for you. How do you know when a nest is "ok" to take? If it's empty does that always mean it has been abandoned? I have seen some beautiful nests but I never take any because I don't want a bird to return and find his home gone! Also, what about germs? Is it safe to touch a bird's nest and have it in your home? I've always wondered these things!

Margaret Oomen

Great question Melissa. I am in no way an expert on birds and nests but in general I never disturb a nest unless it has fallen to the ground naturally or by the hand of other humans which is what happened in this case. They were clearing some paths through the conservation area and had cut bushes and this perfect little nest made with mostly thistle down was lying on a cut branch next to the trail. I always have gloves and plastic bags in my sac. You never know when you might find some animal bones or beautiful feathers. I always place these in plastic and place them in the freezer for a few days even though I dont think many bacteria or parasites survive a good Canadian winter. Many nests are only occupied for one season but the materials may be recycled by the returning birdies.

Earth Girl Knits (Emily)

I loooove the mossy nest picture. We've been given a break from the snow here in Western Michigan for a few days. The ground was starting to become exposed... i could see grass and the compost pile was working its magic in the sunshine. As I look out the window now, though, snow is pouring out of the heavens and blanketing the world like a (not-so-warm) quilt. Soon, soon, spring will officially be here.


that is a beautiful canvas, certainly. Lovely! We are proud of Amy Williams - a Bath girl (where I grew up). Hoorah! Helen


What a thorough answer to Melissa's question. We only take the fallen nests too - the one you found is such a beauty. Isn't it fun to find out what they are made of - we found fishing line in one once, perhaps on it's travels across the North Sea?
I'm wondering what kind of bird made your nest Margie. It's so pretty and looks very cozy and windproof.

Holly McLean

Yes, the snow is a perfect canvas. Your pictures are beautiful. I just finished watching the womens's ski cross. We won!

m3 real karte

I like your photography as these are nice photographs of snow.Yes of course snow makes a perfect and best canvas.Thank you for such beautiful pictures.

Melissa R

Got it... fallen nests! I will keep my eyes open!

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