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February 17, 2010


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she is quite peaceful! i love her! thanks for all the wonderful images for me to carry in my mind throughout the day!! :-)

peace to you,


She's beautiful, and peace is exactly what I found in the pictures.

What a wonderful story they tell :-)


absolutely magickal..


I'm in love.


I was going to say I'm in love, but see that response has been taken.

Love, love her. :)


She looks so melancholy and hopeful. I love the story of her travels on the ice.


I want to know her. How beautiful and soothing, just looking at her.
best- Annri


She is so wonderful, like she is holding all the silence of a gray snowy day in her existence.


What a sweet Inuit!A whole story crocheted around a thing so simple as a pebble!Ariadne from Greece!

michele (maryland)

She is perfectly beautiful. And, I love her too. Peace to all who view her.


she's beautiful. I love her in the boat:)


I think her name is Margie ;) and I love her so.

annamaria potamiti

She's lovely-
Annamaria :)

Laura A.

Absolutely beautiful! Completely original. I loved the stone bunnies but she's exceptional! Have you seen Norman Hallendy's books? I think you'd like them...


very very sweet ,margie!!lot of expression!!!besos!!!


Amazing!! Just perfect...:) Thanks for giving her life...


So beautiful! I could feel her healing and peaceful energy right through the pictures! I really needed that today as I am in the midst of meeting doctors and working on finding a proper diagnosis for my current list of scary symptoms.


There is something so very serene about her. Beautiful. She is welcome to travel to my home anytime.


I love the ice tray! Your creativity is so inspiring. Thanks for posting, Margie!

Dale Smith

This is exquisite - very moving.


I was thinking the same as Geninne, she is you Margie. The peace she contains and the comfort she gives :)


Oh she is wonderful, thank you for sharing her beauty with us.


Is she for sale? She is a very calming peacemaking character. Thank you for sharing her :)


So eloquent, so evocative. She reminds me to be simple and to be quiet.


that face is amazing! she looks a little bent over by her burden, but it's also clearly supporting/healing her as well. beautiful, soulful work!!


Oh, I love your little person. I also love that cool piece of ice she's floating on.

Would you mind if I added you to my blogroll? I very much enjoy your work. <3


she is so beautiful and emanates calm! it would indeed be such a treat to feel how soft she is in our hands. very soft i bet.

i had an elementary school teacher who would say saimanaq when the class would get too rowdy. he said he was calling us to be more peaceful (as in quiet). funny how this memory pops up now that i see this word again.

thank you for sharing such wonderous images and stories!

oh, and i just loved your previous post's embroidery of the medicine bundle. i'm inspired!


Just gorgeous. The story swept me away.


Beautiful and magical!
I love stories. Her peacefulness
captured me from the moment I saw it.


Have you ever thought of doing a series of photos for a kid's picture book?

Angie (Redhange)

So lovely, peaceful and so very Canadian! :)


I gives you an award cause you are genius clic too see

andrea gutierrez

you are absolutely killing me here, how i adore and covet this SO MUCH!!! let me just say: i want i want i want. okay, i said it :)

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