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March 02, 2010


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Mathyld / encore petite

Oh Margie, words fail me to explain how much I love these ...
They move me in a very deep way.

Also, I had my mum for a few days last week and she baked me my favourite Canadian dessert ... Carrot cake ! Served with *lots* of Pure Maple Syrup, on top, indeed !

x x x

PS : Keanu ? A hit? Really ? (Didn't even know he was Canadian ...)
My mum would go with Neil Young for sure ! That adorable Grizzly-man ! Or Feist :) She loves them both.


It just keeps getting better...!



Can you see my 'early-morning-asleep-eyes'suddenly wide opened admiring this new legendary Inuit mom !!! Love the brilliant idea of the adorable amauti and baby stone. Love the wool and the colors. Love the mittens. Love everything ! You always make me want to wake up earlier to discover such wonders !
Have a 'not-too-tiring' busy Wednesday ...

Sarah Wick

So wonderful! You are a true artist. I really admire how you have transformed some stones and wool into a very full, wholesome, promising story. Just lovely.

A question about "poutine". I've never heard of it, and I hate to say but the wikipedia photos are not so appetizing. Is it delicious? Have I been missing out on the best french fry dish on the continent? I do love good fries, but this boring California girl likes hers with catsup.


This mother & her child are so darling, the inuit community would be so proud & honored if they could see it. You are gifted, my friend. Good luck for your day, Margie xoxo

Joan Browning

The emotion that emanates from this little doll is so beautifuk and amazing. Very moving.

Joan Browning

The emotion that eminates from this little doll is so beautiful and amazing. Thank you.


hola margie!beautifull!! and very sweet!!!!and of course full of love!!your stones are full of sentiment!!adorable!!!besos grandes!!!


I love your little dolls! You have created a beautiful scene with the igloo and feathers too. Just precious!

Laura A.

Another mesmerizing creation!


These are simply charming. Thank you for sharing.


I just love the stories you spin along with your little creations:) I used to live in Texas and my kids' favorite hamburger joint served fries with brown gravy. I thought that was some weird Texas tradition! Now the carrot cake with maple syrup that Mathyld up there mentions, I would move to Canada for some of that!


wow, gorgeous!
i also really love that first photo.


Margie, you've really captured that closeness and tenderness with the simple contours of the stones and the crochet. Just beautiful!


i really love you photos!
and of course after i posted about loving keanu i remembered that i also love margaret atwood with fiercness. and i had completely forgotten about poutine. i've only been to canada once- last year, but it was one of my favorite trips ever. thanks for reminding me!

Logo Design

It sure is a lot of fun to play in the snow! You get to make those oh-so-nostalgic snowmen, and you get to play around making those snow angels. Haha! You sure have a good set of creative gear, being able to make something like that out of snow. Speaking of snow, how was your roof during the winter? No leaks and all.

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