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April 02, 2010


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Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

These are such wonderful images, Margie. The one of your mom's hands holding the egg is so, so beautiful.

I would tell little Fern to be patient just a little longer. I'm sure the rest of the family will be awake soon. Can snails get cabin fever? :D

Have a wonderful Easter.


That picture of your mother's hands holding the egg is so beautiful. How lucky you are to have such wonderful memories! Thanks for sharing all of them and alas...I have no knowledge of snail behavior or customs...enjoy your day off!


That is a precious collection of memories.
Maybe Fern should just visit the outdoors with you, and then gradually extend her stays outside when her snail friends are awake. Wouldn't want to wake anyone before it's time... ;)
Enjoy your day!


hola margaret!!happy eastern for you and your family!!how beautifull photos full of tenderness and soo sweet!!!!...if your snails are like the ones here....l will send fern and family to coninue the way but not near the grownd !!!! at least for some days!!!you will enjoy the outside and the garden this hole weekend so sure you will be in guard!!!if the snails wake up!!!!
besos y felices pascuas!!!!!!!!


each photo exhales so much happiness :) thanks so much for sharing them with us. I'd advice Fern to wait a wee bit longer to get out in the garden. Mother Nature knows what she does, and if the snails outdoors are still sleeping, then there's a good reason for that. Come on, Fern, you can wait a little longer ! the company of Margie must be the best of all, lucky thing !!!! oxoxo

Lovely World

I'm not sure about the snails, but I do know that the photo of your mother's hands (I'm assuming it is her hands anyway) is very touching. When I was in high school I once wrote an essay about my grandmother's hands. She had worked on a farm, and then in the small restaurant she opened with my grandfather. Her hands revealed a long history. So do the hands in your photo.


happy easter margie! i bet you're thinking of your mom a lot these days- your first easter without her. i love these images. xx


I love the photo of your mom with the bunny ears. I have a similar one of my late grandmother with reindeer ears and it is one of the most treasured pictures I own because it really showed what a goofy, great lady she was. Happy Easter!


I love all your Easter images, your mom's hands still a favourite. Enjoy your warm weather and when you're finished can you ship it over our way? Happy days to all of you.


what a great selection ... I love it !!

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