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April 13, 2010


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Sam C.

Things certainly look different from Fern's point of view - I keep thinking how flowers are the size of sequoias & redwoods to him!

The leaves(?) in your 3rd, 4th, & 10th photos remind me of bunny ears.


Those are some lovely flowers and one beautiful snail. Thanks for this!!


those pictures just took me away... thank you! (& fern)


beautiful. i think the world of a snail is a magical one!


I need need need to get down on my belly on a mossy ground very soon, thanks for the reminder, my friend ! xoxox

Joan Browning

Oh thank you for awakening my mind! That was wonderful.


What a fab photos. And the snail's shell has such lovely colours.

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

I took similar sporophyte photos last night. The sun was dipping low though and I didn't get any great shots, but had fun anyway. Loving the two-headed beastie...

Allyson Merryweather

I see that sweet little old lady and I think her friend is waving to her. The world is an amazing place if we will take the time to look.

andrea gutierrez

awesome perspective. to see the world from this close to it is truly magical...

and...the other day i went for a walk and saw many snails, 'hugging' each other and i thought about you and your snail post ;)


That's a fun idea! Very cool!


Yesterday my little girl picked dandelions and violets from our lawn and patiently lined them up on our front steps. After careful consideration she added one small stem of grape hyacinth. I thought of you, and all the beautiful arrangements of natural materials you create and photograph. Thank you for sharing your appreciation of nature with us.

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