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April 18, 2010


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I have just found out two lovely little doves weaved a nest in a shelf on my terrace ... what an enchanting gift to guest them!


hello my friend :)
well, yes, smart bird to build her nest underneath the bird information display :D so cute !
hope you had a great weekend gardening & cleaning, that can be therapeutic or relaxing. much love xoxo


How sweet! I have one that has built a nest on my patio...inside a light.


I've done the same the last two days. Outside, not inside, the weather has been too nice to stay inside a moment longer than necessary.
We found a tiny nest today made almost entirely from moss, very sweet - a wren I think. You have such smart looking geese in Canada.


lovely bird-nesting pictures. the sun looks so bright there!

Lovely World

We have two busy nesters around the plantings at our front door. I find myself tiptoeing as I come and go from the house!


Wow. What a nest.All lined with fluffy stuff. amazing.

Abby Emerson

I doubt there's anything softer on this planet than a mama goose's nest...lovely pictures! I would love to be an egg snuggled up in there.


So there I was Googling "Resurrection Fern" (...for good measure since my work-in-progress blog post contains a photo of one and I should at least say something intelligent about it...) and I found your delightful blog! You shall now be Followed by moi! It's beautiful!


Our garden constantly flickers with nest building and I am so pleased...I hung up the woolly fir cones I made at Christmas from your blog and now there are fluffy trails whisping! (new word?) from them as the birds pluck at them for soft nesting material.....and I shall have the fun of making new cones next Christmas! :)

Bird Girl

I'm so glad to see this goose cleaning the nest! I pass a goose nest on my walks lately and I always wonder what it looks like underneath. When I see her - she is just laying like a dead duck with her neck way out (but one eye one me) haha. Great pictures and very nice blog!

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