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April 12, 2010


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Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

The piece turned out beautifully, Margie. The sweater and its new buttons are wonderful, and don't even get me started on the sugared flowers. Looks like a damn fine day right there.


your hands must be so busy! your sweater looks perfect for spring walks. and the floating nest is brilliant and beautiful.

your sugared flowers make me smile. i've been picking handfuls of violets and scattering them in jars and cups throughout the house. whenever i pass i can't help but stick my whole face in those bouquets. i love breathing in the scent of violets. they smell so sweet, so soft, so quiet.


That sweaters yarn mixture sounds wonderfully soft! Your sugared flowers are so sweet. All of your handwork is outstanding as usual! Lovely, Margie!


I would like to go for a float in that nest...

The sweater looks perfect for spring, a great shade to put on to spring-up any other clothes!

Childhood Magic

Love the sweater!


The photos don't even do justice to how beautiful it looks in person. xoxo


oh- that is one beautiful cardigan!! would you mind sharing where you found the pattern, or did you make it up yourself? love that colour too.

Margaret Oomen

I used this pattern but left out the lace pattern for just a plain meditative knit.http://www.flintknits.com/blog/?p=151
I also modified the button hole positions so they would showcase elsitas brilliant buttons better.
I wish I could remember the name and brand of the yarn I used but alas I cannot.
If it comes to me I will send you an update.
take care, margie

Kristen Rask

Your piece for Lost at Sea is wonderful! I can't wait for this show...it is going to be so beautiful!

Chris for Button badges

Yeah well knitted! IF you ever need any printed designs or "fan of knitting" button badges then feel free to stop by www.badgeboysinc.com

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