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April 15, 2010


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Sarah E

Happy birthday! Your post made me get a little teary... my grandfather passed away a few years ago and I think about him constantly. In our last picture together we were dancing at a wedding. He was my favorite person.

Lisa H

My 15 year old nephew has been raised with much love and affection; this post makes me realize (again) how important it's been to all of us. Thank you and happy birthday!


just saying one more time over here too : happy birthday, M & A. I keep you both in my thoughts & in my heart today. xoxo


Of course tears are streaming down my face. I am so thankful every day for my own wonderful mom. And, of course, for the indescribable privilege of being a mom. I probably can't say anything new that hasn't been said by other commenters. I'll just share this photo, that I treasure, and symbolizes for me all of those inexpressible joys of having and being a mom. I have a framed copy above my desk. I love the genuine joy and love in this photo, in spite of all of the celebrity that surrounded this particular mom every day of her adult life. http://www.monroegallery.com/detail.cfm?ID=339


what a wonderful post..... today is my mother's birthday too... you've inspired me with this post ... how very precious our days are.... i will wrap my arms around her tightly this evening when i see her and tell her just how much she means to me.... Happy Birthday dear stranger.....


Happy Birthday, Margie! How lucky you are to have had such a fun Mom (love that first picture!) I lost my dear, dear, Daddy last December and cherish the memories I have of him. Love and hugs to you and have a wonderful day with your family.

michelle from montana

OH "Campfire Mom" I love that! I want to make certain that I am a campfire mom and when I am a granny, that I am a campfire granny too! I am borrowing your phrase, in honor of your warm and lovely Mom!
Thank-you both for your inspiration!


Happy Birthday to you and Alice! I have tears streaming down my face after reading this post about your Mom. Your thoughts give me pause to reflect on my own Mom as I witness her decline in health in her elder years and what that will mean for me when her time comes. Alice is truly an inspiration, your writing and photos communicate her beautiful, loving spirit.
Have a lovely birthday, Margie, and thank you for all you share in this space.


I love the photo of you on your mothers back. What a gorgeous lady she appears to have been, through and through.

That's also a beautiful 90th birthday cake.


Amy Scott

Wow... great to have such a strong, healthy relationship with your Mom. Happy birthday to you both.


That last photo in the post of you and your mom is really beautiful.

Happy birthday to you both.

Hugs to you!



Happy Birthday to you and your mom. I didn't have a very close relationship with my mom while growing up, however I hope to change that one day. Thank you for the inspiration. *hug*


Happy Birthday to you both, dear Margie. I can't imagine what this birthday must feel like for you.Thank you for so graciously finding away to share it here. My husband and his mother had birthdays one day apart. Their celebrations were always so connected. I remember his first birthday without her so clearly. I know your huge, loving family will envelope you with sensitivity, tenderness, and a new kind of celebrating. Again, Happy Birthday to you BOTH!xo


Beautiful...Crying...Thank You...

Edith Menchyk

I hope this doesn't take up too much space, but it's something I wrote for about my Grandma a while back and seems appropriate. Also, my Mother's 88th birthday is next week. She is still here, but . . .

My Grandma loved me.
She was very kind.
I was named after her and she called me “Miss Edith.”
I have a photograph of her – a portrait taken when she was seventeen years old. It was around 1909. I have it in my living room. She watches over me and I mostly need it.

In the early days, she baked in a wood-fired oven. That was before my time.
She baked the best bread and rolls in the neighborhood.
She didn’t have indoor plumbing until she was in her fifties.
And before electric refrigeration she kept the milk and butter and eggs in the springhouse.
She hung chickens upside down on the clothesline and cut off their heads to let the blood drain so that she could make supper for her family. It was a different time and meat was fresher then.
She never drove a car.

On summer evenings, she and Grandpa passed the time on a porch swing hung between two trees out in the back yard. I wonder if they talked much and what about.
In the winter they sat indoors. They preferred to sit on hard wooden rocking chairs to watch the television. I never saw them sit on the good furniture. I think it was too soft for their backs.

My Grandma birthed all of her seven children at home.
But on her wedding night she made Grandpa drive her home to her Mother.
I remember that they had pictures of Shirley Temple and Franklin Roosevelt on their bedroom wall.

She always wore a sunbonnet on her head and old socks on her hands when she worked in her garden.
Her garden was very beautiful.
Her skin was very beautiful – at least I remember it so.
I clearly remember her saying that the young girls shouldn’t be “stripping themselves bare naked” to lay in the sun. She was right.

She wore a full apron over her dresses. I remember them as being mostly floral prints.
She always wore dresses – it is likely she never wore pants in her life.
And she always wore sensible, dark, tie shoes – I think her feet troubled her some.
Her gray hair was pulled up away from her face.
She loved jewelry although I think she didn’t wear it every day. But I do.

She was as soft as talcum.

Grandma had a sister, Aunt Al, who was a self-proclaimed witch. I never met her, but I’m real glad she was in the family. It makes my own strangeness somehow more acceptable to me.

Grandma made many beautiful quilts.
I have one she made for my baby dolls hanging on my wall today.
She made me a sunbonnet like the ones she wore gardening. I keep it on my kitchen door knob. Sometimes I put it on.

She kept a lot of knickknacks on a metal shelf in the living room. It I was very careful I could look at them when we visited. I have a pair of yellow, kissing whales, salt and pepper shakers that were hers.
And in her house, there was always the sound of the clock ticking on the wall. Stillness and the clock ticking. I think Grandpa got the clock from the telephone company where he worked. My Dad used to wind it for them each week. One of the very few times I ever saw tears in my Dad’s eyes was when Grandma died. I’d like to get that old clock fixed and have the comfort of hearing it ticking in my own home.
Her floors were linoleum and very clean. Oval rag rugs were on the floors. She made them.
There was a corner cupboard in the dining room but I can’t remember what was in it. And on a table by the living room window there were the ruby glass gifts that she got for her fortieth wedding anniversary.

When I was six and had my tonsils out, she visited me and brought me violets in a miniature bowl. I still have the bowl. It broke once but I glued it back together.

These are the things I remember . . . They may not all be completely accurate, but they are my memories.

I loved my Grandma.
I love her still and miss her now more than one might expect.
I wish I could talk to her. I wish I could walk with her in her garden and ask her about her flowers and her life and her self.
She died when I was ten.
Forty one years later I still miss my Grandma and I remember her.



A Happy Birthday to you and to your guardian angel! What a special tribute to your mom.


thank you for sharing this post. My relationship with my mom has been up and down over the years, but seeing that last picture of you and your mom made me realize that I need to treasure the remaining time I have with her. I hope you have a beautiful birthday filled with love and warm memories.


The love you and your Mother share shines through and lights up our own relationships and reminds us to count our blessings.
My Dad has been gone 5 years but sends a Robin to check on us all.
Lots of Love


I wish you again, dearest Margie, a special happy birthday with your loving family, filled with wonderful memories and with the strenght of your sweet Mom.

(As a lucky ex-giveaway-winner, I don't participate to this new generous giveaway. I just wanted to drink a toast to you with all your friends !)


happy birthday my friend.

Betty Boaz

My Mom's been gone many years now but there are times I wish she was here to talk to. She was not the type to show affection but we still loved each other and I do try to show my daughter more love by telling her often and hugging her whenever I can.


I too know my mom as a campfire mom and only hope my children have campfire memories of me, even today.
Happy Birthday!


what a lovely post and giveaway ... thank you!

Melissa R

Wow. Sharing those pictures is gift enough for me. Wow. My mom is the campfire type. My husband's is the refrigerator type. Luckily he lives near my family now and can experience the warmth.

Ashley Lee

I think this is such a very sweet way to honor your mother's birthday. I pray that God will wrap His arms around you and give you joy today. You brighten my day each day I visit your blog. Happy Birthday Margie!

Katalin Eisenberg

Happy Birthday to both of you. This story made my eyes wet.


i love you and i miss you and i will be thinking of you while you eat delicious thai food and dessert tonight

love love love


How beautiful.

Crafty Gardener

beautiful photos and memories to cherish ... Alice will live on in your heart forever

Geninne D. Zlatkis

Big, big hug Margie! Feliz cumpleaños amiga! I wish I could give you that hug in person :)


Beautiful pictures. I bet you'll treasure them always.

Poorvi Das

Dear Margie,

This is such a touching piece and I feel your sentiments. I felt very bad when my grandma passed away but eventually I realized that it's ok to feel so, because it helps us remember the people we love. I'd rather think about my grandmum and feel sad than forget my memories of her totally. Forgetting her scares me more.

much love and a warm hug.


No doubt about it, Moms are special. I still miss my mom after eleven years (it does get easier) and putting my cheek to her soft, sweet cheek, just like in your picture.

I hope you have a Happy Birthday.


It sounds like you had a beautiful relationship! I love the photos of you and your mom... beautiful!


many warm and happy birthday wishes from all of us.

Cynthia Baxter

I love that cake! Alice obviously raised her children in love, seeing the kind of person that you are. I haven't lost my parents yet but am trying to prepare. thanks.


as someone who does not have a mom here on this earth anymore as well, i really appreciate how you honor and celebrate yours.....happy birthday to both of you.

Karen L.

What a beautiful legacy your Mother left through you!!! It appears that she passed all her goodness on to her child(ren). Your sentiments are so lovely that they certainly brought a tear to my eye and made me remember my Mother fondly also. You are a wonderful daughter and you will carry her with you always. Know that and take comfort in that fact. Bless you!!!


Happy Birthday - what beautiful lives you shared together. Thank you for giving me a tender moment in reading about your mom.

Cindy Owings

It's odd & wonderous about birthdays, Jan. 11 is mine, yours falls on that of my sister-in-law as well as a dear friend. Your family photos show the legacy your mother left each of you...JOY! Have a joyful birthday, Margie!


I just wanted to say that I read your blog all the time and I'm always touched and inspired by you and your work. Reading this post really made me appreciate having such wonderful parents, thank you.

Christine Teagarden

Thank you for sharing this post. Your honesty is inspiring to those of us not willing to share so willingly! PS Your work is beautiful!


What a beautiful blog I just discovered. And what a tribute to a mother. We are so blessed to have mothers such as yours. Come say hi if you like, I am also having a giveaway that you might like, original music written and by my 13-year-old daughter.


Happy Birthday! You are clearly loved in the blogosphere, and I'm sure that is due to your loving, generous spirit! Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your lovely stones.


Happy Birthday!! Thank You for sharing with us your sweet, beautiful, precious memories.


That was so lovely, i only just found you and i'm so happy i did. thank you this beautiful post and for the givaway, i LOVE your crocheted stones.


Happy birthday to you.
I was born the day after my grandmother's birthday. I got my middlename after hers. Every year, including this year, I call her to wish her "Happy birthday" and she always tell me, "the same to you for tomorrow". And each year my heart cries, wondering, "What about next year?".
My grandmother always tells me I was her best birthday present ever...she has almost 40 grand children and 20 grand grand children (she had 11 children)
I am sure your mother felt that way too, your presence today makes her present even more precious.


Happy birthday, to you and your mom. *hugs*

helle Jorgensen

Wonderful story. Alice was wonderful....... so sorry for your loss. Best to you and Happy Birthday!!!

Jenna C.

i am thinking of mothers and their babies everywhere. thank you for sharing this.

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