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April 28, 2010


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andrea gutierrez

i couldn't love that little kitten more...i love the imagination :)


You're so right Margie. I love whimsy and your kitty. I admit I had to look up "Cree." Clearly my education was lacking in the topic of Native Americans. Being a North American myself I really should know more.
I hope you're well and that you're finding enough time to enjoy the spring weather :)


aw, a plant leaf as a feather ... a moss heart, a stone tail ... oh my, it couldn't be better than that ! :) thank you for feeding my total ignorance about Native American history & traditions too. xoxoxo


How cute is that? Love the little minoosis! And the leaves are beautiful.


hola margaret!!! que lindo!!!!l adore your cat and the conection you have with nature!!!!l love to come to visit you!!!besos and have a beautifull day!!!


thanks for the first whimsy of my day! :)


those leaves are gorgeous :)

see you soon!


Minoosis......so sweet!


Lovely...whimsy has a place everywhere...I am so happy to see that it happens in a Dr.'s office.
I love the crochet covers you make for your stones.
My cat is jealous of your cat and would love to have her own bandannas...I tried to give her a necklace...she would have not part of that and looks at me as if saying hankie/bandanna is what I want.


Love the cat! That's my kind of cat.

Ruth Hower

That kitty is looking for a fish!!


Yay for the use of the Cree language :)
kîkway kâmiyonakwahk (something that looks nice)

Lovely World

Nature suggests so much to us if we just stop and look. One of the reasons I enjoy your blog so much - you take the time to see.


Minoosis, I wonder if that has anything to do with the word "minou" in French (since cats are an African species and wouldn't have been around your neck of the woods in the olden days!)

abby emerson

Adorable! We call our big fat kitty "Kitten," but last night I told my husband about Minoosis, and now we call her "Minuisance."



very beautiful, margie.

Holly McLean

You certainly seem to find an abundance of whimsy just about anywhere! I amazes me.

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Your ideas amaze me so much. Have a good day!

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