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May 30, 2010


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I've been eying this book for some time now. What a coincidence that this giveaway is happening! Lately I've been really into Kate's birds from "pencilshavings.net". Right now she is doing a series of birdwatching drawings from Black Point Drive in Florida. I love her style!

I've been trying to incorporate birds into my classroom. We sing a few songs that focus on birds and the kids REALLY love them. We sing the songs, then the kids look to see if they can see any birds are listening. Then we sing louder in case they didn't hear! (They are 2 yrs.) I'd love to be able to make some birds for the room to use as decoration and as song props.

andrea gutierrez

i know it may not be original nowadays but there is still something so arresting and mysterious about owls...those are my favorites...

Winnie Rose Reyes

Oh, how wonderful! Congratulations! I love birds and would love to decorate my new home & studio with them


Carrie D

When left to work reception alone at work, the one thing thats guaranteed to keep me up and alert are all the birds outside.... mostly because they continually fly into the windows!


Beautiful cover. My son and I love to identify birds. None too exotic just the common birds around our area. He likes learning the names of them. I think my favorite has got to be the hummingbird. I love the little sounds they make and how small and territorial they are. They are fun to watch and so beautiful.

I'm having a giveaway at my site tomorrow. A felt peg doll. Stop by later in the afternoon if you get the chance.



wow- congrats on the book! i love the cover very much.
my favourite bird would have to be the native NZ fantail or piwakawaka... it's very friendly and has a cheerful voice. there's often one in our garden, even though we only have one tree!

Nicole FrontierDreams

Favorite bird? Oh this is hard for me! Perhaps the male blue jay I rescued one day after seing him get run over by a careless driver in the car in front of me. He was so fortunate that it was just part of his wing hit and able to be rehabilitated.I never will forget that day. I had both of my daughters in the van with me so they witnessed it all but then saw their mama save that poor bird. My oldest still talks about it, I think it really made an important impact on them.


I would love to win this book -- I've been waiting for it to come out! I love the cardinals that live in my yard -- they have such a beautiful song -- and if you see the female, the male is nearby. But...right now I'm a little upset with the robins who are eating all my strawberries -- oh well, when I see them diving into my strawberry patch, I know the strawberries are ready for picking. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book.


this is pretty exciting. humming bird has to be my favorite. the sound they made and the flapping of their wings...catch a glimpse before they fly away. precious. my 11 months old baby has been fascinated by all the birds in our neighborhood. she will make the bird sign (baby sign language) whenever she hears or sights a bird. her favorite song right now is "two little black birds". her 1st birthday is near and i am thinking to either make or get handmade bird finger puppets for her. so when she requested the song, i can show her the birds. :)


That book looks really fun, can't wait to check it out!! I love Chickadees.

wintu nancy

Thanks for a chance to win one of these books. I would love to see it and then think it would make a great donation for our local library collection.


I'm not playing along, as I've alreaddy been a superlucky giveaway winner, but I just wanted to congratulate you, Margie ! I'm so proud of you ! Your sweet little yellow chick looks so proud, too, on the cover !

My favorite bird is of course my feathered forest friend ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/lesfabulationsdenanou/4415703815/in/set-72157622631589467/ ). You know, he would be offensed that I tell another bird ...

Happy Monday Margie !


Hummingbirds have to be one of my favorites. My inlaws have what seems to be millions of them around their property and they chatter away, zipping from feeder to feeder.


for some reasons you know this book has a special meaning to me
I'm so happy it's already the time to be released, it takes so much time, I know !!
my favorite bird is the one I took a photo of last weekend, the chaffinch. He/she sings so wonderfully, you can't miss him/her when he/she is around !
thank you so much for the chance to win.
sending you tons of hugs xoxoxo
happy new week, too !


Oh please enter me in. That is such a nice book. My favourite bird besides your knitted rooster that I made has to be the house martin. Every year they fly back from Africa to our house to nest in the eves. I love the cheeping noise they make when the babies hatch.


That looks so promising and the bird is sweet!
Our children love birds so much and we are watching them every day outside our window when we sit and eat. They have a small booklet to look them up and I am so happy they are learning about nature that way.
I love all the small not so prominent birds living here in the parks and forest and gardens, the everyday birds. And my favourite bird artist has been Gennine for years. Her birds are living all over our house here and they remind me/us of Mexico, where we once lived and where geninne and I shared some of our favourite craft stores and fabric and yarn shops.
it would be perfect to get a copy of this book because we will be moving soon and I will be decorating our little son's room with a tree and a birdhouse on the wall because he is a forest lover...


My favourie bird is a swallow... Any swallows in this book?
I love them because of the way they nest, and beacause i am used to seeing them in my home town clinging to houses....


what a sweet giveaway! there is a beautiful cardinal who perches up very close to our tiny urban backyard, and sings (I'd like to think, to us) while my daughter and I eat our lunch out there often during the weekdays. i love his song, his feathers, his consistency.



so cute! i love a red cardinal in winter against the white snow. and charlie harper birds.


I have a dead plant on my window seal but I'm not throwing it away as birds of all kinds regularly come and take small branches to build their nests. I find it so nice.
Your blog is a really charming one.


Our family bird is a the robin. My mum has robins nesting in her garden. When my Dad died we took Mum back the day after the funeral to look, again, at the floral tributes - and a robin hopped onto the branch and I knew Dad had sent it - now on family occasions Dad sends a robin to check up on us! Sometimes when I'm crafting on my swing a robin pops by and I tell him I'm okay :)


Favorite bird artist is Geninne D. Zlatkis. She also has an etsy shop! Thanks for having this giveaway!!


There are 2 favourite bird-artists:
First there is
I wish I could make birds like she does !
And second
She makes lovely paintings with birds but also toys etc,


I love the indigo bunting. What a beautiful flash of color.
As for my favorite (bird) artist it has to be http://blogdelanine.blogspot.com/ right now.


i love birds and all bird like things because i was raised by generations of women who loved birds. when i was little my nana would carry on extensive conversations with birds on the porch with an extensive range of whistling which i too acquired. she would often tell me about her favorite bird when my mother was a little girl. she talked often of his last days when he seemed like he was on his way out she would tuck her little bird in between her ample bossom and gave it whiskey through an eyedropper until he passed. i found out i was pregnant with my little girl the day my nana passed. she is almost two now and every single morning when she hears the birds outside her window in the woods she calls out hi birdy tweet tweet and makes me smile every time.


My grandmother always loved birds, and fed them out her backdoor for years. As a child I would watch them with her. She named the crows, and would feed them almost straight from her hand with peanuts.

Two christmas's ago the taller half bought me my first pair of binoculars and a few bird books. Apparently I talked about birds all the time and didn't even realize it. Now whenever we go hiking we spend half of it bird watching. It's a really peaceful way to stop and take stock. And it's a lot of fun learning the songs. Sometimes we stop and can't find the bird visually, but we can identify it by its song. My favorite bird song is the Wood Thrush. We heard millions of them on a hike once (ok probably two or three really) and couldn't ever see them. So I went home and searched and searched and finally found them. Here's a link to their beautiful song. It's definitely better in real life.


I wish I could have a bird in the house, but the idea of keeping one locked up appalls me. Maybe one day when we have a real backyard I can befriend some and give them names and feed them by hand like my grandma.


one of my favorite birds is the robin which is the first sign of spring which is my favorite season. i'm amazed by the color of the robin's eggs, it is the color of my studio walls

Karen Salva

oh...like i could even pick a favorite bird..ha ha

but 2 winters ago during a crazy blizzard i opened the kitchen door to add more suet to a feeder and a little chickadee flew in the kitchen and perched up high on the cabinets and just looked at me with a "yeah right, i'm not going back out there" look. and i really did wish it could stay in the house :)


I loved birds when I was a kid and had lots of beautifully illustrated books. I used to collect feathers and had shoe boxes full of them. One of my favourite artists is Geninne Zlatkis at http://blogdelanine.blogspot.com/ I am now rediscovering my love for birds and find myself taking much more notice of these lovely little creatures.


How cute! I love birds. Specially the morning doves I hear on our roof every morning. Funny bird story..... I was just saying the night before how a seagull better not poop on my head...well just a day later a bird pooped on my arm :/ serves me right I guess lol


My favorite bird is the Willy Wagtail who whistles 'sweet pretty thing'. I was visiting my retired cousin and her partner one afternoon. They live on acres that backs onto a national park. In their garden they have old household ware they have turned into bird feeders. As my cousin came out with the bird seed she was surrounded by birds; magpies, cockatoos, mudlarks, willy wagtails, finches, and couple of crows and even a butcher bird. It was a wonderful sight. Kim :)


oooh, let's see. I think I like the Chickadee best. There are so cute and compact...and they are the state bird of my home state! The book looks awesome!

Jessie Hansen

my current favorite things that has to do with birds is taking my 3 year old to feed the ducks and geese at the park. I'm always worried, though, when he decides to just drop his pants and pee that the evil geese are going to peck his little wiener off!


The book looks wonderful - I'd love to win a copy!!
It's almost impossible to choose a favourite bird - a bit like choosing a favourite child!!!
I've just come back from a week in Portugal watching Egyptian and Griffon vultures - fantastic



How wonderful! I love cardinals - the red cheers me in winter.


My grandparents were birders who would require we look at their vacation slide shows (yes, I'm dating myself here) upon their return. All of their pictures were of birds in trees that we could barely see, and you could barely tell where they took their vacation. I recently took a family vacation myself and found myself taking the same pictures. Why fight it?

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

Oooh how wonderful! I adore all of my feathered visitors here in the woods- the nuthatches and their "butt-up" behavior, the indigo bunting with it's shocking blue, the drum of the grouse, the eagles and owls, but probably my favorite of them all is the pileated woodpecker. His big read head, swooping flight, and awesome call make him super cool in my book. (now if I can get my hands on your book...)


I'd love to win a copy of this book. It looks so wonderful!


Oh, what a beautiful book. And my favorite bird? An impossible question and which bird story to tell....even harder. What I do love is how my little 2 yr old can name so many birds by song or by sight and how she chats with them like they are dear friends. We did save a little bird one of the barn cats caught. Emma still talks about putting it in a box fo rthe afternoon and howif flew away to its partner when it felt better. At first I thought it was an orieole, but it's not. We should ID that bird....


Congrats for the release of your book!
Geninne is of course my favourite bird artist.
I can't forget a bird I had found hurt when I was a kid. In Greek it is called figeater and it is black with a yellow chest,a very beautiful bird. Till its wing got well it sat with us in the living room watching tv. Robins I would say are my favourite birds. Please enter me in your giveaway.
Ariadne from Greece!


Sweet tweet! How fun. I think blackbirds are fun, though we are only blessed with the red-wings in our Northern Ontario woods. And bird artist? Charley Harper, of course!


So hard to pick just one favorite bird, especially since I have been putting out feeders and seeing what comes to the yard. At this particular moment, I am very fond of the little nuthatch pair that have been coming to feed because I love how they chatter together when they are here. So sweet!

Cynthia Baxter

Some years ago I was sitting very still in the garden and a Rose Breasted Nuthatch landed on my head. :) Lovely.


We love all birds. My girls and I recently placed a two story bird mansion in our front yard and already have a few sparrows making nests. We love to watch them fly back and forth, they are too cute :))

Lovely World

Ahh. Birds. All of them. I am thinking right now of the haunting call of the loons on the lakes we have visited in Northern Maine. Congratulations on the book, it is lovely.


i love miniature things of all kinds, so naturally hummingbirds are my fav. Although it's hard to really pick a favorite, I find all birds fascinating sometimes wish I could spend a day in the life of one. thanks for the wonderful giveaway!


My current favorite birds are the Cardinals and the yellow finches. They are both so cheery even on the dreariest of days!


We have been fascinated with a large Crows nest by our house. We have been spending lost of time watching the babies trying to anticipate when they will take flight. I have two girls, 4 and 2 and we have been bird watching for the last several years. I find birds extremely grounding and have been sharing my passion with my family. I don't have a favorite bird as I think they each have something special.
thank you for this beautiful giveaway, what a treat!

Jennifer R

I love Owls. The colour variations in their feathers are just so beautiful. I bought a pair of cute little owl mugs at chapters a few weeks ago and now i cant stop drinking tea!

Laura A.

Lovely giveaway. Thanks!
My bird story: My father's family crest is two crossed hawk feathers. After he died we were in Toronto's Mt. Pleasant cemetary, deciding on a burial site. After viewing the choices we decided to walk through the cemetary from Yonge St. to Bayview, which is where his parents are buried. As we walked strung out in a long line, a red-tailed hawk dove into a bush between my brother and me--no more than ten feet separated us. It was a once in a lifetime occurance and I will never forget it.

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