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May 16, 2010


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I feel exactly the same as you
thank goodness, it's allowed everywhere in France to hang your laundry outside ! And OF COURSE I can not do this myself, as I don't have a garden ... booohoooo ... :( nevermind.
Have a sweet Sunday, my friend xoxox


I love my clothesline too. If I lived in place with restrictions I'm afraid I would have to risk arrest.
When my brother was once visiting me here in the UK we saw washing flapping on a line on top of the Tower of London, a Beefeater was hanging out his boxers. The UK is extra relaxed about clotheslines, even on National Monuments. My sister moved to Texas a few years ago, in her neighbourhood she can't line dry - sad.


OMG. I guess I am not surprised by this in our mad world but I suppose I just hadn't heard it before. I actually hate having to hang clothes out. But if it wasn't allowed it would become more fun........and it would annoy the prissy neighbours. "That Australian woman has her laundry outside again" Tee Hee!!


I've never owned a dryer and very likely will never own one. Mind boggles at the thought of banning clothes lines. Will go and hang some laundry out now.


oh, do you know about gardenmama's wash wednesday? she would love to feature your pictures! thank god for laundry lines!!

Jessie Hansen

I want a clothesline so bad. I have heard about places that won't let you have them but I never thought much about it until my friend told me his parents aren't allowed to have one because of their home owners association... WHAT?! Some day I will have one, and some day I will have grass in my back yard... and some day... But I will never live in one of those kinds of neighborhoods, I don't care how nice the houses are.


Although I live in a big city,in a block of flats, we are allowed to have clothes lines in the balcony and that's how we dry our washing!Sometimes in winter it is a problem with the bad weather not to have a washing dryer but there is no space for it in our flat and consuming extra energy is not my motto!Ariadne from Greece!


I'm all for clothes lines. Free drying. Trouble is you do get bird poop on your clothes sometimes!

Noodles and Waffles

My town prohibits the use of clothes lines. They believe it devalues the neighborhood properties.

I break that law and have my line in the back of my house where no one can really see it. It's ridiculous.

Crafty Gardener

I always put my washing outside to dry ... smells so lovely and it doesn't cost anything. Perhaps that is the British in me. I would hate to live somewhere that didn't allow clothes lines.


how strange, not to allow clotheslines? here, it is slightly shameful to use a dryer. unless there is a lot of rain of course!


p.s. i love those portraits!

Deborah Schroder

I am moving from my mom's house to an apartment and one of the things I will miss is crawling into sheets that have dried in the sunshine on a clothesline---what a wonderful fragrance.


Clothes line restrictions? Here in the US? I had no idea. I'm German and even in Germany we are allowed to hang our laundry wherever we please.
Love your laundry pics!

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