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May 30, 2010


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Send the heatwave over here please. It's freezing!


I live in Ontario as well, near Windsor (I know..it is the pits). I am finding I am spending a lot of time outside crafting on the deck and enjoying the weather. I have a dog who is much like your cat...she loves to snoop things that normally dogs would not like. I love reading your blog, as it is so refreshing compared to other blogs that are out there in computerland.


I hope you're having a more reasonnable warm day today, my friend. Your home is worth a magazine. They do make me dream, at least. Sending much love xoxoxo


Oh gosh a heat wave sounds *wonderful*! The sun's struggling to keep out here in England...it's usually warm by now and I'm still in sweaters! Your garden is absolutely beautiful by the way :D


If you like to get rid of some heat, send it over here. It seems that summer got stuck somewhere. It is one sunny day followed by five rainy ones.


Thanks for sharing your lovely home and flowers. A beautiful post.

Drucilla Pettibone

so lovely and inviting margie! this post captures the feel of summer days just perfectly. i am inspired now to fix up my porch.


even your lazy days seem festive! i love celebrating the ordinary. beautiful.


sooo lovely, i can't wait to spend some time just like those kitties. next weekend??


rather cold here, but i knew all about heatwaves in our summertime! :)
i love these photos margie- your house looks so inviting.

Lovely World

Your yard is so very inviting. I've enjoyed catching up on the last couple of posts - all of your outdoor living is inspiring. Hope you continue to enjoy!

tabitha jane

your little home is so sweet! i hope to have gardens like that someday. right now i live in an apartment. but someday i will be surrounded by natural beauty!


I love visiting your blog. I always feel like I'm taking a trip into a happy little dream land of peaceful cottage quaintness. It's a very sweet and soothing world you seem to live in. :) Thank you for sharing with us city dwellers.

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