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May 22, 2010


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margaret chapman

Hi Margie
I am emailing form Adelaide to tell you about the most amazing beach near here. Most of the rocks are circular or oval in shape - I don't know why this is so but cannot resist filling my pockets every time we are there.
I can't crochet but your beautiful stones inspired me to draw a doily design with acrylic ink on a couple.
I so enjoy reading your blog and would be happy to send you a stone or two if you would like to let me know your address.
Best wishes

Rivi Levy Holtzman

I just recently came across your blog and think its charming. i did not read it all the way back yet but from the little I managed to read we have a few things in common. i am a scientist during the day and a creator by night. I will be more than happy to send you a few pebbles...Fill free to go over to my blog to see what i am doing-its written in Hebrew but the pictures speaks for me ...

Nanny Pumpernickel

Goodmorning from Holland,
I am so enjoying your stories on the stones:)Today I finally sat down in the sun and made my merfish necklace from your beautiful tutorial.Thank you so much for sharing,I love your blog and visit often.It is all so inspiring!many thanks and happy weekend Dees xoxo

Glaucia B. Martins

Hi Margie :)

It's quite sometime that I follow your blog, and lately I've been thinking of sending you some rocks from Brazil, so, I see this is the right time for that :)
I live in São Paulo State, but I also have some from other parts of Brasil,as I used to collect them.
Would you like that? It would really be a privilege for me:)
If so, just send me an email,ok?
hugs from Brasil


I love seeing how the stones have mapped out. I see you have quite a collection from this little continent but maybe a few more wouldn't hurt. Gracie and I searched for special Margie stones on our Cornwall holiday. The stones seem to still be in holiday mode because they've been sitting in a box since then and haven't managed to wrap themselves up or ship themselves off yet. Soon, I hope.
Have a wonderful weekend,

Ruth Hower

Dear Margie: Have you also read Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" - it's a life-changing read! It's heartbreaking that the world didn't continue to follow her advice. Your tribute jelly fish stone is lovely and so apt. I wish you luck in filling up your map! Our stones here in central PA are filled with fossil imprints, but are not smooth and evenly shaped. Maybe I can find some in a mountain stream! My heartfelt thanks for all your inspiration, and all best wishes to you! xoxoxoxox


Oh! That must indeed be rectified. I'll have to find some stones before I send them to you, but you'll be on my mind.
Lesley from South Africa

Annie B

Hi Margie, I would love to send you some river stones from New Zealand so please let me know your address. Annie


very interesting map to see indeed, can't wait for you to receive new stones from the rest of the world ! :) xoxo

Mommy in the Making

I live in Massachusetts - not too exotic! But I am going to Costa Rica for my honeymoon in september so I'll be sure to pick you up some sweet stones - we'll get you branched out in to Latin America!



that is quite interesting ... this pebble mapping! : )
if I had known I could have added a couple of little pebbles with your porcelain stone ... I know I´m not in Africa or Asia but still ... well, I have your address so ...


i've always meant to send you some stones from new zealand... and feel bad that i've not done so yet! (are we even on your map?)
i will send you some very soon.
p.s. i love the shadows of the pins.


Everything you do is so artful (meaning infused with art and beauty), even putting pins in a map. It's a work of art in itself.
Good luck stone gathering. If I go somewhere more exotic than Delaware, I'll definitely nick some for you.

Earth Girl Knits (Emily)

the shadows from the pins remind me of moss gametophytes!


I can send you a stone from Tasmania, Australia if you like.

Porch Days

I also love rocks. When I went to Switzerland 40 years ago I brought home a 2 pound rock! Every time I go to Nova Scotia I bring home sacks of rocks from the beach! l am using them in the tops of my flowerpots to give contrast and interest.


Iwould vey much like to send you a stone. I come from the canary islands and there are some lovely stones that I would like you to have. I think your blog is lovely and heartwarming. Forgive my spelling. Have a good day and I will continue to read your blog now. I hope I still have alot of posts to go. I just recently learned how to crochet and never imagined all that I am seing here, you live in such a green place! Here there is not so much green but there are beautiful colors to.


Hi Margie,

I just discovered your blog, which is awesome! I'm writing from Greece, and I'd love to send you some rockes (I collect too).Let me know your address if you like! Keep up the inspiring work! Efi.

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