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May 07, 2010


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oh what a delight, I adore your nature notes, it's like having a reporter on the other side of the planet :) Over here, it's been a rainy, cold & very windy week, which was a choc after the summer week we had had last week. The London planes are making everyone allergic (wind !!). I don't mind that weather, it'll be so hot soon enough & until September, so I'm taking every bit of chill/cold as they come ! Wishing you a lovely Friday, my friend oxoxo thanks so much for sharing these photos

Abby Emerson

What a beautiful update!!!!

In Vermont, it's unseasonably warm, which means everyone is confused and the world is literally exploding in sudden color. The lilacs are in bloom and earlier this week we had a huge flock of Cedar Waxwings pass through on their way North. The fiddleheads are unfurling slowly, and all of the trees are leafed out. We had a pretty heavy snow last week that bent all of the daffodils and tulips over, but they maintained their smiles - just a little bit closer to the ground than before.

Mr. Groundhog is out and about. I've seen about four and they are fairly thin but have this unexpected bounty to feast upon. They share the open spaces with a multitude of rabbits - more than I've seen any other spring. It must be a good year for rabbits.

Lake Champlain is high and while I've seen the pairs of geese that are familiar to the lakeshore, I have yet to see any of their brood if they did in fact have little ones this spring. I saw a large family of Mallards and they were causing a ruckus fighting over a female.

The air is sweet, the peepers are filling the woods with their evening song, and while it's all too early, I can't help but welcome back this beautiful season.

Margaret Oomen

Thanks for the fabulous news from Vermont (such a pretty and natural state you live in)
You reminded me that I forgot to mention the peepers who started their chorus on the wedding weekend and have not let up since. Also as I was photographing the goslings the bullfrogs in the pond were making me aware of their presence.


Thank you for your wonderful photos. You live in a very beautiful place. Here the weather is perfect. 24 degrees C every day for weeks. Clear blue skies and gentle breezes. It's starting to get tedious. lol Mind you we did get a bit excited yesterday when we were covered in thick smoke from an prescribed burn further south. Some kind of inversion pushed the smoke low over the city and it stretched over a 100ks. Foul stuff, the authorities were very apologetic. Better a prescribed burn in autumn than a bush fire in summer though. We are all looking forward to winter and some rain. Kim - Western Australia


The pictures are wonderful but my favorite are the baby chicks!:)
We have been out collecting flowers and smelling and blowing. We actually found a birds nest on the ground. That was our favorite treasure.


Thanks for the wonderful photos and the nature notes. It's a good reminder for me to stop and take notice of my surroundings more often.

Have a lovely weekend!


In my neck of the "woods" things are much different!Although the weather is fantastic and the light of the sun helps photography beautifully the things to photograph are not as beautiful as nature. Demonstrations,fights in the streets,deaths of three innocent people in a bank,reduction is salaries and pensions,raising of prices in products and services,demands and more demands from the state to its people make it a gloomy spring inspite the sunlight!
Ariadne from Greece!


I especially like the photo of Jack -- reminds me of my Northeastern childhood. Here in Miami, the angel trumpet bushes are out - the flowers are like Faberge eggs. A pink Cassia in a garden nearby has every branch covered with ballet-pink blossoms (like cherry blossoms only larger). The Tabebuia are bright yellow against the blue sky. It was very cold here for an unusually long stretch, so we're watching how different plants react. The royal poincianas are a bit slow, but they're putting out leaves now and the flaming-red flowers will follow. The jacarandas shed blossoms for a lavender carpet. And the weather is finally HOT!

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