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May 17, 2010


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Wooow Margie ! Congrats, you made a beautiful work !!! How did you manage to sew these shoes ? Have you a magic needle that can pierce such a thick canvas and sew inside at the bottom of the shoe ? Unless it was Arwen who helped you with his claws ? That Liberty fabric basket was so tempting ...

Glad you made something for you, for once ! It would be perfect in Lisa's new group "Crafting for ourselves" ( http://www.flickr.com/groups/craftingforourselves/ ) !

Thanks for sharing views of your pretty backyard garden. I'm happy you enjoyed such a sunny and relaxing Sunday with your family. It looked almost warmer than here !

Happy Monday, Margie, hoping Mister Sun will stay at you the whole week ...


I love your shoes!! We had LOTS of rain yesterday and I counted 110 snails........lots of weenie babies:)


I can only imagine how sore yout fingers must be from sewing though that canvas. Did you use pliers to pull it through. the shoes looks absolutely lovely.

michele (maryland)

Margie, what a great idea. They look wonderful. You are such a talent, girl!


The shoes look lovely!You are so great in finding ways to use scraps of cloth!These would cost a fortune to buy them!Ariadne from Greece!


Those are a beautiful pair of shoes ~ art, really. How happy you and your feet will be!

I think you could shave that name tag off the heel if it's raised. Or sandpaper might work?


hey those are amazing! i admire your stitching- i tried to patchwork on shoes once and my needle kept breaking. i love the bits of liberty and lace you used.

Lovely World

Fantastic idea. Happy feet.

Mathyld / under the pyramids

What a gorgeous garden ... and cats, and notions ...
How proud these shoes must be to be dressed in Tana Lawn and crocheted flowers !
x x x


i agree, shave the name off the heels! i would have used 'goop' the glue to attach things, because sometimes i like to speed through a project. love the small snail...wish i could love slugs...


I love the sneakers!

Jordan Jumpman

This is very cute. I think that I am going to give it a try. thanks

moncle 2013

Israel seems to take this route every few years to do (I think) the same thing. Start a war with someone weak and get your military trained at best conditions.

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