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May 05, 2010


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so beautiful! reminds me of bone china and lanterns. brilliant!



how delightful, ethereal, warm.... my neighbour's front garden has been taken over by their wonderful magnolia but as it is flowering late this year the blossoms are competing with leaves and it looks so different..... beautiful photos Margie x


oh Margie
you DO bring a lot of magic in my life. Thank you so much for being yourself & having that ever-exploring mind. oxoxo

michele (maryland)

You are amazing, again, Margie. Our Magnolias are long finished here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, so it was wonderful to visit them again this season. I love to stand under a magnolia tree and just inhale deeply, the smell is fantastic.Now we wait for our Southern Magnolia to bloom here in a month or so. They have a very large white flower.


You are just a delightful river of creative beauty.


this is amazing Margie! so beautiful and magic!
magnolia is one of my favorite flower!


How delightful. You have a very special eye.

abby emerson

Breathtaking! YOU are a garden fairy...


so clever !


these photos are so beautiful! the sun makes the petals glow so brightly. i love the discovery of pressing designs into petals. it takes curiosity and a sense of wonder to come up with something as delightful as that. thank you for sharing.

Emma Angel

Wow! You've done it again! Stunning...


I loved the creative progression of this post. When I started reading it, I had no idea that I would end up in such a magical place.

Julie Alvarez

Fantastic discovery!!

Richard Shilling

What an absolutely inspired idea! The shell imprint held to the light is magical and beyond words!

BTW the links on Flickr don't come back to here so you might want to check.

I'm off out now for a petal sandwich!



so lovely, i love how the light shines through like firelit lanterns. so pretty!


Magical light indeed - the images are stunning! The hours of fun you must have had.
Regarding your previous post, I'm not at all surprised that you can talk to trees Margie and even less surprised that they respect and obey you :)


Thank you - how wonder-filled with beauty they are. You are truly magical.
I've followed your blog for quite some time and feel totally inspired.

Lovely World

I love the random prints that you found after the party. How curious the star of David. Do you like Andrew Goldsworthy? I have enjoyed his work for years, having stumbled upon one of his books in a shop one day.


This might be my favorite project of yours, yet! I loved each step!

Cindi Brooks

So cool! You are such a creative spirit...thanks for sharing this. :)


I would have never though to hold them to the light like that. Quite magical indeed!


Thanks so much for the magical pictures. Thanks for sharing your treasures!


That's a truly enchanting light effect - well done for spotting it!


simply. amazing.


you bring so much magic to this earth and to the blogosphere. thanks for this incredibly inspiring and awesomely beautiful post. ;)


That is incredible - I love the way you kept working with the petals and trying new ideas. And the light from behind is pure magic.


Sigh. now I can't wait till next year when the magnolia blossoms fall to the ground. thank you so so much for providing inspiration and anticipation. you make me feel like every day is an adventure i'm excited to lead.


Once again I am amazed and inspired by your creativity and delight in life. Thank you for sharing!

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