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May 31, 2010


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deanna cohen

Interesting whittled wood pieces and crochet pieces look wonderful tacked up like that.


Your whittling is intriguing and beautiful. Kim :)

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

Our sweet Nanou's Forest Friends will be all a'twitter. Beautiful as ever, M. Such an inviting space you have there.


sometimes unplanned things are more thrilling, relaxing, routine breaking, than what we had planned ... so happy you had such a pleasant & creative Sunday afternoon. Oh, I never tried Mort Subite ... is it good ? (silly question, if you drink it, it can't be awful LOL) xoxox


nice whittling! i forget that wood is a good material to craft with... i'm always so focused on textiles. i love these photos too. it looks so summery there!


Ohhhhhh Margie ! My creatures and I are all surexcited in front of the computer and I'm afraid that our eyes just popped out and crossed/went through the screen !!! Such an amazing post that fills me with joy ! How I wish I could spend that gorgeous afternoon with you ! I'm so happy for you, woodworking is so delightful, relaxing and almost therapeutic ... And your new friends are so wonderful !!! As you guess, all my F.F. are in love ! Bravo Margie, you're the best !!! (You make me want to be your goat ... or sheep, to walk with you and your new companion :D I know, I'm very silly !)
Woody hug to you, dear friend, great master and doctor of wonderment ...


What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, and a beautiful walking stick too. Walking sticks are commonly used here for walking the Fells, Downs, Dales, Moors, any hilly part of the UK even without a herd of any kind. Of course if you wanted to try life as a shepherdess there are also plenty of woolly beasts around here that would gladly follow you :)
I would love to try whittling too. Not sure my hands are strong enough for it, I'm guessing it takes a bit of strength - or maybe very good sharp tools instead.


Thank you for the reminder. I did some whittling as a teenager, and I'd completely forgotten about it until I read your post!

Happy days!


What a fun day, and I think you should go to Yosemite and cover half-dome with your new hook!


Beautiful place to relax and create! Love the doilies...they are wonderful and next to you wood pieces it makes them all the more special!


In the close-up it looks like a heron...I think you should crochet something with it, just to see how it works.


love those doilies hanging on the "wall" ... nice installation!


Very nice photos...your beautiful work reminds me of a wonderful runner my great aunt made for me when I graduated from high school...that was 34 years ago, and I still have it on display!
I also love the piece you up and whittled! I certainly admire your talents...

designer clothing

You spend your day at backyard of your home with chocolate box and stick. You really made nice embroidery piece. I like your garden space area.

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