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June 14, 2010


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Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

Well, my birthday is next January...I'll be 40...are there 40 thrift stores you can take me to? Because I am seriously envying your finds. That crazy quilt is killing me. Beautiful!


what a cool was to spend a birthday!

I went into Salvation Army today and only the fact it still didn't have a price tag kept me from getting one of those huge bridal gowns... and it's not even my birthday!


What a fabulous haul!


Oh. My. God.


You gals really know how to shop! That is the ideal way to stock up on fabulous clothing and fabrics to be reclaimed and upcycled.


omg yes, what amazing finds indeed ! This HAS to become an annual event ! And yay for the discounts you got for T's bday ! even better !
wishing you a lovely day today


WOW, AMAZING! my pulse is racing! so much good stuff! so much Liberty stuff!! happy birthday indeed.


This type of birthday celebration reminds me of something my mom and younger sister would do! What a great day. Thanks for showing us your loot.


What a clever plan! Margaret, you should write some sort of article about it for some of the up to date magazines that are into refashioning and upcycling!

Makes me wish I had a daughter or a neice that wasn't in another country.
Sandy in the UK


A mammoth spree indeed. What was your total spend?

michele (maryland)

Love Value Village..really miss it.
Yes, Margie, what was your total spend? We would love to know...

Plain and Joyful Living

what a wonderful day - truly a dream day.
such beautiful finds too.Thank you for sharing.
Warm wishes, Tonya


ackk- i'm so jealous! what lovely finds. and SUCH a fun thing to do on one's birthday!

Margaret Oomen

I just found all the thrift store receipts and the grand total added up to 147.39 dollars canadian:)


WOW, WOW, WOW.....
And there was a sale on! You both must have had an unbelievably fun day.


Wow, so many treasures! I'll have to haunt these stores next time I'm in Toronto. So much Liberty!

Again, happy birthday to Tamara.


you girls have some serious thrifting stamina! If we had 11 thrift stores near us we would be in big trouble. Happy birthday to Tamara.

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