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June 23, 2010


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Jill Wignall

lovely post. Makes me laugh that you're reading The Happiness Project, I read that recently. Did you decorate your whole back garden for your sons wedding?


That's right! Just open the door. I have a very small yard with houses all around and a little pond, but it seems many animals consider it their paradise. Two blackbird (?) nests, dragonflies, butterflies, ladybugs, spiders....:-)


thank goodness you're safe, after the earthquake. I love the way the spider or moth made its home behind the doily, that's so cute.
Thank you so much for sharing the evolution of the Art Installation in the Secret Location, it's a privilege to follow it. I love how the crochet looks like it's been dyed with soil. In a way, it's slow dyeing. At least I love to think so. xoxoxo hugs (and thank you for the snailshell necklace, I noticed the similarity between this photo & the photo of the doily right above it)

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

You know, you have made me love lace. I never had much of an affinity for it before, but now I find myself including it in my work, my home, my garden, and it always carries a little bit of you with it.

I've really loved watching the transition of your secret place installation.


Very imterestingly beautiful post!

Abby Emerson

Your world is so beautiful, I agree! We felt the earthquake here in Vermont as well - it was quite strange!

I really love how nature will reclaim any quiet space. I have been trying to overcome my fear of spiders - and just the other day I found a female had built a nest and laid her eggs in the gathers of my bedroom curtain. It's in a sunny, warm, protected window with access to small flies and moths. There's no better place to lay eggs and live undisturbed. I'm just letting her be.

There is something immense about the images of the snails and spiders building their homes in your lace. What a treat for them - I suppose I would too.

As always, your post has left me centered and filled with joy.


Cool idea to put together lace and moss. I've traides and failed cultivating moss because I wanted to do this moss carpet:



makes me happy too. thank you for sharing!


lovely post and lovely your words!!!!!muchos besos and very happy weekend margaret!!


Just when I'm thinking of your art installation and wondering how it's changing, you give us a peek. I love seeing it becoming one with the surroundings and I think I like it better each time you revisit it.
I'm happy to see you left the wedding decoration laces in place too, they're stunning!


Swoon! Thank you for sharing these beautiful things!

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