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July 13, 2010


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brave margie, finding the best in a day like that!
i'm so sorry about the maggots, the paw and the credit card. blah! wishing you a better day tomorrow. xx

Chrissie Grace

I just found your blog a few days ago but I am hooked.
I'm sorry about your lousy day...but you ended it beautifully. The snail pictures are amazing:)
Thanks for all your inspiration.


wowwww i'm so sorry that day was terrible! at least you had plenty of snails to comfort you in the end.. i hope edgar is ok. i'm sure he will be, he's tough. i love you and wish you a better day tomorrow


My goodness! Today MUST be a better day. It's amazing you felt able to even type after a day like that.
Hope Edgar is on the mend.
I'm sending you hugs,
J x

mathyld ▲under the pyramids▲

Urgh ... Poor Margie :(
I've had a lot of hard days lately (a lousy year, even, maybe ?) but I managed to organise a nice moment with some friends yesterday, too : Egyptian Teatime by the Canal in the evening ... (homemade morrocan green tea with mint & Egyptian Tarot reading ...)

Tea & Tarot by the Canal is almost part of my daily routine, so I'm sure I won't stay stuck working in all day, every day.
Just for one hour, I grab a bag with a blanket and some thermo bottles and I run for liberty & fresh air !

It's so nice to have friends (and family) ...
x x x

mathyld ▲under the pyramids▲

PS : Someone used my credit card, too, when I last was in London : the person gambled for 1200€ (I didn't even have) to play ONLINE POKER.
And my bank DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE !!!

The Muse of The Day

Life is a series of events, some wonderful, some terrible. We all must push ourselves on the terrible ones to the other side and notice the "wonder" that is still present all around us, otherwise depression will seep in. You manage to stay focused on the "wonder" and the wonderful, this is why I always love visiting Resurrection Fern.


I hope today is more positive for you! Your oasis for watching soccer is beautiful. :)


Jill Wignall

Gosh! what a rubbish day! You are impressive though, not letting someone using your credit card get the better of you! The blooging world can be a good little escape on days like that. Hope today is going much better for you . x


What a lousy day. I'm glad you had a good evening and hope today is much better. Sending lots of good wishes your way...


Margie, what a massive bummer of a day. I hope today is better. I've had a string of lousy ones lately, but I'm trying to hang on to the possibilities of each new day.

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I hope you are feeling good now.These are such beautiful photographs and I like very much.I also like that you have shared this with us.

Jane in Ottawa

Somedays you're dealt blue skies and wonderful snails and other days it's pure maggots. In the first week of having our new green bin I too opened it to find those horrid squirmy beasties. Good old vinegar did the trick though. Thank you for a wonder-filled blog, it makes my day to visit such an inspiring place.


I would just like to let you know that of all the blogs I keep track of, yours is my very favorite. I love your art, your sparse yet meaningful words, the way you turn bad situations around as in this post. Every day I see a new post, I feel a nice sense of peace descend around me. Thanks for being who you are and sharing it through your blog.


It's just not fair when someone just thinks they can take your hard earned money. I love the snail, he is handsome!


That's one heck of day! Not fun. Luckily found some beauty while cheering your family. Fortunately tomorrow is new day. Hoping for the best for you. Sending positive thoughts :)

Ruth Hower

Praying that your dear kitty will heal quickly, and that you'll be able to clear up the credit card issue without a great hassle. Surely today will have much happiness in it for someone who truly deserves it - that's my fervent wish for you dear Margie! Thank you for being there for all of us!


I'm glad you found solace in a snail. I hope I find something similar to soothe me on this bad day I'm having as well. Thank you for sharing.

Holly McLean

I've heard about the credit card fraud but never known anyone that it happened to. I'm glad they caught it though and that you had a good ending to the day.

Childhood Magic

That snail is such a magical little creature. Glad he was able to rescue you from your day with his simple charms :) hope your kitty heals quickly, and your credit gets straightened out!

Lovely World

Why do some days seem to hold all the difficulties? Hope you have rested and that poor Edgar is on the mend. XO

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