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July 18, 2010


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I just read the entry at PurlBee a few minutes ago! Congratulations. My covered stone (one of yours in yellow & white) sits on the dining table now next to our beeswax candle, they glow together beautifully! Thank you for showing how to make one and for the one I have. :) (and for your beautiful blog!)


Chrissie Grace

I am one of your blog stalkers and I am so excited to learn this. Your stones are so beautiful...

Bubz Rugz

These are great - thank you for sharing........ I'm off to find some stones and thread...........


fabulous, unfortunately I cant crochet.. i keep trying to learn but it keeps failing me. They are beautiful to look at on your lovely blog and I will bookmark the tutorial for when I decided to try to learn again. :o)


Margie you're so generous. Now your fans who might not be quick enough to make it to your sales can still appreciate your artful stones. Now I'm extra happy I've been learning crochet, I can try out your pattern too and my beautiful Margie stone will have a mate :)

Jill Wignall

Oh this is wondeful! I've been wanting to have ago of doing this for years but not being an advanced crocheter has stopped me. Hopefully having instructions will help. Thank you for sharing!

Jenna C.

thank you thank you! i am going to teach myself to crochet just so that i can make one of these. i LOVE your stones!

Beth Lehman

i've wanted to do this since i first saw them on your lovely bloggy - hurray!

The Muse of The Day

FUN FUN FUN and beautiful. I am so excited to see the tutorial. Carolina

Ruth Hower

My sincerest from-the-bottom-of-my-heart congratulations!! What an honor, and so richly deserved. My crocheted stones are multiplying - it truly is an addiction, but also a boon for my arthritic hands. Larger projects aren't for me anymore, but thanks to you, dear Margie, my doily-making urges are well satisfied. I'm so happy that even more people will be able to enjoy the art form you've created. All my best to you and yours!!


So excited! I have been trying to find my grandmothers old tatting thread. I already have the rocks.

Cindy Owings

M, I loved seeing your work on Purl, you are a treasure as are your stones.

Lovely World

Yay Margie! I love how they look in those soothing yellow/cream colors. I got the Purl newsletter in my email box this morning and saw those pretty stones and knew just who made them. Congrats.


thank you- you are so clever! (and generous, to share your pattern.)


Thank you for sharing and congratulations!



margie, i was so delighted to see your stones on the purl bee! congrats what a lovely collaboration.


I am so pleased to have several of your covered stones, and learned to crochet with the thought of being able to cover stones found on Lopez Island, Washington, where I live. Somehow, crochet does not come easily to me, being a quilter and knitter; I don't know why. Now I have a pattern which will hopefully help me master what I want to know. Thank you so very much for sharing.


these are so beautiful. I've only just learnt to crochet but I can't wait to give these a try. Thanks so much for your generousity in sharing.


Your crochet covered stones are so lovely. I've been wondering how to do this for some time. I'll definitely hop over to PurlBee for your tutorial.


Sorry to bring any negative vibe to this fabulous sharing. Shouldn't step three be 2 dc in each sc?


Thank you so much for giving us this gift! I have wanted to make my own ever since I saw yours. I have almost finished my first one and I have found what I think is a mistake in the directions. Step 3 says to dc into each of the 12 sc from the step before. Step 4 then needs 8 repeats of a 3 stitch pattern. So, I just did 2 dc in each of the 12 sc on step 3 so that I started step 4 with 24 stitches--8 times 3 is 24. Yes?


Thank you so much for the tutorial. I just discovered your lovely stones and your inspiring blog. I knew I had to make one right away! :-)

Susan being Snippy

I did see the post at Purl Bee but I guess that day i was not inspirable, but something clicked in and I could not remember who or what or where the covered stones were, I found a post at Myrtle and Eunice and from that I made an attempt on my own. Now this morning (Aug 2) I have found you and will be able to refine and improve on the crochet stones...
THANKS for this fun idea...


These are amazing! I will be linking up to your tutorial at The Purl Bee next month at www.tangledhappy.blogspot.com. Thanks your for sharing so many wonderfully inspiring tutorials! :)

LadyBug Boutique

What a cute idea! I can't wait to try it!

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