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July 06, 2010


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yay. I've been a bit behind the times this week with the world cup. But so glad to hear this result. here, our time zone doesn't allow us to see it at a human hour. all the games are in the wee small hours of the morning..and although I love my soccer, I love my sleep more...esp as it is cold here. Your trip to bookhou looks so special. How good is this blog space of yours, art and sport all in one! x


When I come, you'll have to take me to see Arounna & visit her shop, but then I fear I won't be able to stop buying everything in her shop !
WOW at finding the orange jersey before going to visit her ! What a coincidence indeed !!!!!!


I will take this as an omen as well as I have Nederlands in our office World Cup sweepstake. I'll be watching closely tonight. Hup! Hup!

Nina - Tabiboo

Good luck and what a fabulous omen....hope it works a second time. And now that our team are out we are cheering Netherlands on all the way.

Fingers crossed,

Nina x

Kitty de Winter

Hi, I'm from Holland and very glad that you are supporting our team. Have a good watch tonight. I am already nervous about the game. Do you know that our number 10 has a very famous (in Holland and Italia) girlfriend...
Greetings Kitty from kittydewinter.blogspot.com


Hi! How funny to read you're cheering for us Dutchies! You're not Dutch right? Well, I am, and I'm not really into sports, but tonight I will be watching and cheering on our team: Hup Holland Hup!
Great shop btw, I love that wooden alphabet!

Margaret Oomen

I may not be dutch, having been born and raised in Canada but my husband is. Besides Canada and Poland (my fathers motherland) are not in the cup. When it comes to the Womens World Cup I always cheer for Canada!


Thank yoy for supporting the Dutch team! Keep your fingers crossed! Karen (Orange country at the moment!)

Lovely World

A perfect day! The elephants are fun. I haven't been following the soccer as much as the hoopla around the soccer!

Margaret Oomen

okay i might be a better predictor than the famous octopus
both 10 and 11 scored in the second period
Hup Netherlands Hup!!
there will be dancing in the streets tonight
I am so excited to see the final on Sunday
so margie
(still wearing my lucky number 10 jersey)


yayyyyyy! what a prediction! the elephants are perfect, you got the shoes just right! i spent the game in my bright orange next to a uruguaian (sp?) haha we had some very lively "discussions"... and then afterward i think he asked me out haha, what a funny yet wonderful day!



oh my goodness the shop is gorgeous! as is your blog, glad i found you. and that jersey was a super lucky find. -k.

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