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July 07, 2010


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I love the t-shirt rug, and I bet it would be a very cozy papasan, but it looks like Arwen would claim it all to herself. Of course, I am very excited about the possibility of a giant rock yarn-bombing!

mathyld ▲under the pyramids▲

x x x


My cat would do EXACTLY the same, except the undersurface check would last a little longer. She loves to creep under rugs and take a nap there. And then you think: hm, that bump wasn't there before......and it is breathing! We all have to be careful not to step on her. *lol*


I've always wanted to try one of those rugs for a bath mat, I bet they're extra soft underfoot and wash like a dream. Now that my crochet skills are growing maybe I could :)

PS - go orange!!!


aw, that quality control test has made my morning, my friend. Can't wait to meet these bundles of joy & fur, they are so adorable.
I bet you slept with little orange twinkles in your mind. :D oxoxo

Margaret Oomen

when our cats do just that we say they are undercover cats . xo

Margaret Oomen

maiz, I am already collecting the white and off white t-shirt discards in a pile just for this purpose :)


My cats do the same. They are so nosy. I am currently making a rug too and my cats find it necessary to sit on top of it while I'm trying to work. My rug is made with 2 strands of cotton yarn held together. I'm itching to give t-shirts a try.

Lovely World

Curious cats! We are so loving our new kitten. Don't they bring so much to a household? Here on the East Coast we are having a major heat wave as well. Too hot to do anything.


That rug is absolutely amazing. Love it.


BIG SMILE! hup hup!


Hey, and I was wondering how you could produce so many beautiful things al the time. The Quality control manager is the meticulous worker's friend ROFL

helle Jorgensen

Arghhhhh!!! Love it so.

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