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August 06, 2010


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Cute kitties. Thanks for sharing.



Love me some cats - and everyone of them have their own personalities. My Miya (Princess Miya Chula Yum-Yum) has been diagnosed with a heart condition and is scheduled for an echocardiogram which will cost a fortune but she if family - right?

mathyld ▲under the pyramids▲

Oh these pictures !!!
I love that cats take the most incredible poses :)
x x x


Your cats are so beautiful! They are my favorite animal! They can be so loving! I FINALLY was able to adopt a cat in May and I fall in love with her more everyday, even when she gets in trouble... in fact she just took a pencil and ran off with it so I must go and chase her down! haha! It's a good thing she is so darn cute! Thanks for sharing pictures of your pretty kitties!


life with out cats would be awful!


i just discovered your blog via regretsy, of all things. we were having a chuckle over a request for a snail sweater and someone posted a link to your snail w/his/her Xmas...cozy? It made me laugh for longer than anything has since i dont know when. but in a delighted way! and your kitties are so adorable i wanna rub my face in that belly fur. and the mushrooms in the thimbles make my heart hurt!
gotta go discover the rest of your adorable world.

Valentina Rachiele

They are beautiful. I love their paws :)


What gorgeous pussycats you have! Yours have excellent names too. My cat seems to have taken on a shiftshaping quality recently, or more likely, seems to think she's a dog. She came for a 3 mile walk this week and trotted along quite happily with our Husky, strange thing!

Hope you're having a smashing weekend!


oh what beutiful pussy cats. We sadly have only one at the moment, Mr Merc, but he is fussed over and adored by all the kids and sleeps like a king on my daugters bed.


What a sweet post. I LOVE cats and your darlings are adorable.


Beautiful photos of your cats but how do you get them to wear the bandanas?


What a wonderful post about your kitties! Love the different characters they have.

liz noonan

your kittens are like beatrice potters illustrations! how in the world do you get them to wear those kerchiefs? how civilized!

Karen Beth

Agree with Lyn. How do you get them to wear the bandanas? My cats would rip their heads off.


what would we do without our kitties?

yours are just perfect.

Margaret Oomen

my kitties are oh so tolerant
from the get go they have never ever complained about being adorned
they do sometimes get a little jealous of each other
and pull the hankie off another
the hankie always look prettier on someone around anothers neck
they do get them wet and dirty and they frequently need to be laundered
and oh yes on occasion the three little kittens they loose their hankies and they begin to cry
on a number of occasions I have found one on the garden gate picked up and placed there by a kind neighbor


i love your cats. i think they lead a most perfect life!

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